A few teams moved up in this week’s edition of The JFF Power Rankings while a few other teams fell down.

The Week Six “Game of the Week” is no doubt the AFC North match-up between Kory G’s JFF Browns and James’ JFF Ravens. Let the hype begin!

Other big match-ups in Week Six and Week Seven:

Week Six

JFF Baltimore Ravens AT JFF Cleveland Browns (Game of the Week)
JFF Kansas City Chiefs AT JFF Pittsburgh Steelers
JFF New England Patriots AT JFF Tennessee Titans
JFF New York Jets AT JFF Indianapolis Colts
JFF Philadelphia Eagles AT JFF Buffalo Bills
JFF River Hogs AT JFF Chicago Bears
JFF San Diego Chargers AT JFF Miami Dolphins
JFF Seattle Seahawks AT JFF San Francisco 49ers
JFF Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT JFF Carolina Panthers

Week Seven

JFF Tennessee Titans AT JFF Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Game of the Week)
JFF Carolina Panthers AT JFF Dallas Cowboys
JFF Chicago Bears AT JFF Arizona Cardinals
JFF Cleveland Browns AT JFF San Diego Chargers
JFF New Orleans Saints AT JFF Philadelphia Eagles
JFF Pittsburgh Steelers AT JFF Denver Broncos
JFF Seattle Seahawks AT JFF Baltimore Ravens

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JFF Power Rankings - Installment #4