Fall 2014 Playoffs Update:

The Natural’s JFF Panthers take on Cadillac’s JFF 49ers in the NFC Conference Championship, and
Air’s JFF Colts match up against Kory G’s JFF Browns in the AFC Conference Championship

The road to JFF Super Bowl X continues, and the first two rounds of playoff action are now in the books.

In the opening Wild-Card Round games, the #6 seeded JFF Arizona Cardinals (12-4-0) led by Owner / Coach Damian P got the best of the #3 seeded JFF Dallas Cowboys (12-4-0). Cliff, the Owner / Coach of the JFF Cowboys, was the JFF Super Bowl IX Champion during the Fall 2013 season with the JFF Baltimore Ravens. Also in the NFC Conference, Tim Dog’s #4 seeded JFF Green Bay Packers (11-5-0) edged Top Dawg’s #5 seeded JFF Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4-0) 14-12.

In AFC Wild-Card action, Jayqeezy’s #4 seeded JFF San Diego Chargers (11-5-0) won an exciting Overtime thriller against Kruz’s #5 seeded JFF Buffalo Bills (11-5-0) 20-14. Air’s #3 seeded JFF Indianapolis Colts (12-4-0) also defeated Musashi’s #6 seeded JFF Baltimore Ravens (11-5-0) 24-20.

In the Divisional games in the NFC, Cadillac’s #1 seeded JFF San Francisco 49ers (14-2-0) earned a decisive 34-18 victory over Damian’s JFF Cardinals. In the other NFC Divisional Round match-up, The Natural’s #2 seeded JFF Carolina Panthers (13-3-0) got the best of Tim Dog’s JFF Packers 24-14.

In AFC Divisional Round action, Kory G’s #1 seeded JFF Cleveland Browns (15-1-0) stifled Jayqeezy’s JFF Chargers 27-14 and Air Attack’s JFF Colts clinched a spot in the AFC title game with a 21-14 victory over Josh S’s #2 seeded JFF Miami Dolphins (12-4-0).

For the second time in the history of The JFF, the NFC Conference Championship game will feature a match-up between two former league champions. Cadillac, who was the JFF Super Bowl V Champion during the Fall 2004 season will play host to The Natural, who was the JFF Super Bowl VII Champion during the Fall 2006 season. Cadillac’s JFF 49ers and The Natural’s JFF Panthers did not meet during the Regular Season. During the Fall 2005 Season, JFF Super Bowl II and JFF Super Bowl III Champion Justin “Wacavelli” Acton defeated JFF Super Bowl I Champion Beau “Bizeaudawg” Carney 36-22 in the NFC Conference Championship.

In the AFC, Air Attack’s JFF Colts will try to avoid turnovers against a JFF Browns defense that feeds off of interceptions and fumble recoveries. Statistically, it will be a match-up of the #1 overall defense in the league (Cleveland) versus the #2 overall defense in the league (Indianapolis). These two teams met during Week Fourteen of the Regular Season, and Kory G’s JFF Browns turned a 17-0 Halftime lead into a 31-21 victory over Air’s JFF Colts. Cleveland forced Indianapolis starting Quarterback Terrelle Pryor into committing three fumbles and one interception, which was arguably Pryor’s worst game of the season.

Conference Championship games will be broadcast live via Twitch.tv sometime between Thursday morning and Saturday evening.