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108 Million Current Gen Consoles To Be Sold By 2019

current gen consoles

A presentation by World of Tanks developer Wargaming’s creative director and executive producer TJ Wagner was recently made public.

There a number of interesting tidbits in the presentation, click above for the whole thing, but one point that stands out is Wagner’s assertion of the number of current gen consoles that will be in consumers’ hands by 2019.

Based on numbers from Superdata, IDG Consulting, and IHS, Wagner says that there will be nearly 108 million combined PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems in the market. Sony will have the lions share of the market with 69 million sold. Microsoft is well-behind Sony at 39 million.

Another slide in the presentation claims that there about 36 million PS4s currently in the market. Xbox One is estimated to have sold about 19 million.

These numbers aren’t official, but they appear to be close. Sony reported in January that nearly 36 million consoles had been sold worldwide. Microsoft doesn’t share Xbox One numbers, but it was reported last year that there were 18 million active Xbox Ones in the market.

Last year, Xbox head, Phil Spencer, said that Sony’s lead was so large that he didn’t think the Xbox One could ever fill the gap. Spencer did go on to say, “We’re not motivated by beating Sony, we’re motivated by gaining as many customers as we can.”

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