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ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing SGO Insider

What’s going on sports gamers, Mike Straw, managing editor of Sports Gamers Online here and I wanted to take this time to welcome you all to SGO Insider.

SGO Insider is our premium subscription service that’s aimed at not only growing the SGO network and brand but also giving you more content than ever before.


Insiders will get brand new exclusive shows like our monthly Retro Reviews, Q&As with the SGO staff, and even the opportunity to join us for podcasts and live streams. You’ll also have a say in the content we produce. From a particular game guide to a specific Top 10 topic, you are just as much a part of the content as those creating it.

Insiders will also get early beta access and have the opportunity to receive free launch titles from some of the newest and biggest games in sports gaming.

Why a Subscription Service?

SGO’s content has always been free, and no content we currently make will ever go fully behind a paywall. However, Sports Gamers Online is a business. We have staff to pay, shows to produce, and servers to maintain. We refuse to pay our writers a poor wage based on how many views their content gets. We want them to receive a guaranteed rate no matter how many eyes see their work.

Again, pieces like our reviews, news, tips, and interviews will remain free to everyone. What you get as an Insider is early access to that content. You’ll be the first to get our highly-rated game tips and guides; early access to our exclusive stories with details no one else has; and be the first to watch, listen to or read our interviews with the biggest names in sports gaming.

Where are we going?

What SGO Insider is really about is more about the future than the present.

We want to turn SGO into a full-fledged gaming network. The Sports Gamers Online Network (SGON) will be home to dedicated daily and weekly shows, tournaments, podcasts, live events, and more. Remember the old networks like G4 and Tech TV? SGON will bring that style of product into the 21st century.

But in order to become the SGON we believe it can be, we need your support. Every single dollar will go towards bringing in new staff (writers, producers, editors, etc), improving our equipment, creating brand new shows, and offering features not found anywhere else. What’s more, is that this will allow us to attend even more conferences and events to provide you with up to date news and information on your favorite games.

Sports Gamers Online has been seen by over 100,000,000 people worldwide, and now it’s time to grow even more. So, please, take a few minutes to learn about all the benefits of becoming an Insider, and help bring SGO to the next hundred million people and beyond.

Thank you for your time, and, on behalf of all of us at Sports Gamers Online, thank you for your support.

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