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E3 2019 Tech Highlight Featuring Lexip, Orion, and More!

E3 2019 Lexip Stadia Orion

E3 isn’t just about the games. A big part of what makes gaming gaming, is the hardware and technology behind it. This year has been the start of something new and exciting. Announcements like Stadia, Orion, and more have set a new landscape for gamers everywhere. And now, you can catch details on some of these exciting breakthroughs here on Sports Gamers Online.

Exciting Tech from E3 2019

Lexip’s Cutting-Edge PC Peripherals

“Monitors, keyboards, and mice are essentially windows to the virtual world of PC Gaming, and when they are at their best, they are transparent.” These are the words Hugo Loi used to describe their approach in creating their next line of PC peripherals. After a 45 minute demo, it could not be more true. The tech Lexip demoed are essential quality-of-life patches needed in several aspects of PC performance.

Lexip plans to release a lineup of new PC accessories to give players, creators, and enthusiasts an edge.

Pu94 – 3D Controller

The Pu94 was designed with a focus on city building and navigating space. Pu94’s internal joystick gives it the ability to tilt in place by wrist movements. The internal joystick and mini thumbstick work in conjunction to bring nearly all aspects of navigation to just the mouse. Games like Anno, Elite Dangerous as well as software like AutoCAD, Maya and so many others were in mind when building the Pu94. Thus, several configuration profiles have been pre-built and will be readily available in the configuration software. While the Pu94 is niche in its design, the configuration sandbox also allows users to create and share their own configuration profiles. This is Lexip’s way of planning ahead.

The Pu94 will be exclusive to Best Buy for the time being. Lexip believes the Pu94 has its benefits, but may not be for everyone. That’s why they’ve partnered with Best Buy to make sure potential buyers know what they’re getting.  Lexip is also happy to announce its partnership with Ubisoft as certain Anno 1800 editions will come with a Pu94 starting on the mouse’s debut on September 23, 2019. Backed by Ubisoft, Lexip will also be releasing daily, weekly, and monthly challenges for world and city builders in an ongoing effort to promote the genre and hopefully usher in its on section of competitive gaming.

Lexip’s designs bring a focus on skill and reflexes. This has also led to the design of the Np93, a mouse invented for gamers and eSporters who demand the high performance.

Bethesda’s Orion

During their E3 Press Conference, Bethesda announced Orion, a software platform built to drastically improve cloud gaming performance. Similar to Google’s Stadia, Orion will even provide high-quality performances for those on slower internet speeds. However, Orion is not meant to compete with Stadia or Micorsoft’s xCloud. Rather, Orion is a compliment to those services and can be streamlined into any game engine.

Orion delegates certain processing tasks to the game engine locally, rather than performing them as they’re transmitted to the player over the internet. Ultimately, this and its other features help lower the cost of bandwidth for players and those providing the data to play. If you want to give Orion a try, be sure to sign up for the test later this year. Participants will be able to run the 2016 Doom at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution. Sign up now by registering for Bethesda’s Doom Slayers Club.

Google Stadia

In case you missed it, Stadia is Google’s exciting new cloud gaming service or games on demand service. It’s a pure console-less way to play games. All you will need is a compatible controller and any Google enabled device you already own. This means Chromecast enabled TVs, Smartphones, or just a PC with the Chrome browser. Of course, to play you will need a subscription or to purchase the game outright through Stadia Basic. Several games will be available at launch including The Crew 2, Football Manager 2020, Trials Rising, NBA 2K, GRID and more. Check out the pricing below:

Stadia Pro ($9.99/mo.):

  • Resolutions p to 4K
  • 60 FPS
  • Sound: 5.1 surround sound
  • Buy games whenever you want
  • Additional free games released regularly starting with Destiny 2: The Collection 
  • Stadia Pro-exclusive discounts on select game purchases

Stadia Basic (Free):

  • Resolution: Up to 1080p
  • Frame rate: 60 FPS
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Buy games whenever you want

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