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E3 2021 Event

E3 2021 Live Show Cancelled

After initially pushing forward with a live event for E3 2021, it appears that those plans are no longer. According to a report published by the Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission, E3 2021 has been listed a “cancelled live event.”

This marks the second consecutive cancellation of E3, as last year’s event was completely nixed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

E3 2021 will now be a completely digital event. In the document, it states that the Entertainment Software Association’s production team is working with the city board on broadcast options at the LA Convention Center. This year’s E3 will likely rely heavily on live streamed content and Zoom interviews.

According to the folks over at VGC, E3 2021 pitch documents sent to game publishers outlined a proposal of three days of live stream coverage from the previously announced dates of June 15-17.

Some companies had already backed out of E3 before the pandemic hit. Developers like EA, Sony, and Activision have withdrawn in past years in lieu of holding their own events.

The ESA’s annual gaming convention is just the latest large event to be cancelled as we continue the fight against Covid-19. Thankfully as the days go by the light at the end of the tunnel appears brighter. However, there is still plenty of work to be done. Here’s to hoping for the best for E3 2022 and beyond.

How are you feeling about this cancellation? Will it take away from the E3 experience for you? Let us know down in the comments. Stay with us at Sports Gamers Online as we continue to follow the latest E3 news.

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