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EA Talks Next Gen Consoles

Next gen EA

In recent statements, major AAA publisher shared its thoughts on the next generation of console gaming.

Next Gen Bigger and Better than We Think?

Electronic Arts leaders were asked about plans regarding the next generation of consoles. While specific details were not shared, EA hinted there are big things on the horizon. Notably, this would be due in no large part to the hardware of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen was quoted saying “we can do a lot more; things we’re doing will blow people’s minds.” In addition to being optimistic about their future, Jorgensen also believes the gaming industry as whole will see more innovation thanks to the new hardware.

What Does This Mean?

At face value, you can’t find much here. Nothing more than optimism and speculation. However, if developers are feeling optimistic, perhaps we can too. To be fair, it is EA, so take that with a pinch or two of salt. Despite of our favorite sports franchise going downhill as of late, next gen gaming looks promising. If innovation truly does shine, perhaps that vigor will coarse through the veins of sports gaming as well. Time will tell.

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