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Electronic Arts Releases New Videos on Updated Frostbite Graphics

We’ve detailed in the past the issues the Frostbite engine has brought to EA games, specifically sports games, but now it looks like we will be seeing some tweaks in the engine. EA and DICE have given us some new videos on the updated Frostbite engine to see what will be changing in the future.

Frostbite Graphics

Electronic Arts and DICE put out several videos on EA’s Youtube account showing off some of the new features we will see in the future. The videos show off changes that have been in the works to make characters’ hair more realistic. The colors appear to be look more natural and real, volume of the hair has been preserved, and changes in the hair melanin are noticeable.

Down below are the videos:

Updating the Frostbite engine has been something that many gamers have wanted to see for some time, so this is very good news for those people. While we don’t know if or when these will be implemented to Madden or FIFA, one thing to take away from this is that EA is looking to make their engines more realistic, and to change them up before releasing the next generation of consoles, which these changes are geared towards.

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