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SGO Madness: Vote For The Greatest Sports Video Game Ever

Greatest Sports Video Game

Over the years there has been no shortage of great sports video games. Though many sites have put together their own list of the best of the best, no one has really put the power into the hands of the reader.

Sports Gamers Online is proud to present “SGO Madness: The Greatest Sports Video Game Tournament“, a fan-voted tournament to choose the greatest sports video game ever released with the winning game getting a full retrospective video on the SGO Channel

Each round will see three days of voting before an advance. Voting will be done on, Facebook, and YouTube with polls posted throughout. The dates are as follows:

Tournament Voting:

  • First Round — Friday, March 13 — Sunday, March 15
  • Round of 32 — Monday, March 16 — Wednesday, March 18
  • Sweet 16 — Thursday, March 19 — Saturday, March 21
  • Elite 8 — Sunday, March 22 — Tuesday, March 24
  • Final 4 — Wednesday, March 25 — Friday, March 27
  • FINALS — Saturday, March 28 — Monday, March 30

Now, do not confuse greatest with best, though it’s hard not to do. The games chosen weren’t selected simply by how good they were. They were chosen based on the following:

  • Following/Popularity
  • Industry Impact
  • Quality
  • Lasting Appeal

Game Eligibility:

  • Fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter do not quality; Wrestling games, on the other hand, do qualify.
  • eSports titles like League of Legends and CS:GO do not qualify


With all that said, let’s get to the brackets. The tournament consists of a full 64 sports video game bracket with four regions at 16 games per region. Voting may not start until Friday, March 13, but it’s time to view the bracket and get ready.

We kick things off with the top overall seeds. Tecmo Super Bowl, NBA 2k11, ESPN NFL 2K5, and NHL 94 all take the number one seeds in the tournament.

Now that we know the top seeds, let’s look at the full bracket starting with the NES region.

To view the regions in higher quality, simply click on the desired region image.

Sports Video Game Tournament NESSo this is your chance, sports gamers. Make your voices heard, and determine the greatest sports video game of all-time.

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