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Madden 21 Reveals X-Factors for Linebackers, Defensive Ends

Madden 21 X-Factor

In today’s X-Factor reveal, EA Sports showcased several defensive abilities in Madden 21.

Added in Madden 20, X-Factors are unique abilities given to superstar players to help better match their real-life counterparts. Achieving certain game play objectives in-game activates these abilities. For example, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson, activates his X-Factor, Blitz Radar, after three scrambles of over 10 yards.

The update shows a number of new defensive X-Factors for 12 of the NFL’s most dangerous Defensive Linemen and Linebackers.

Madden 21 Defensive X-Factors

Run Stuffer

Run Stuffer is the X-Factor of Baltimore Ravens Right End Calais Campbell. When Campbell gets two tackles for loss, his block shedding becomes more effective against run plays. Run Stuffer deactivates once 30 total yards are allowed by the offense.

Momentum Shift

Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Tackle, Chris Jones, has the unique ability to interact with other players’ X-Factors. Momentum Shift is a powerful X-Factor that, when activated, wipes his opponent’s progress towards their own X-Factors. This reset activates after three hit-stick tackles, or two defensive line sack. Momentum Shift lasts one down.


As you might expect, the Blitz X-Factor allows LA Rams Right End, Aaron Donald, to Do Blitz Good. After two defensive line sacks, Blitz activates and wipes the resistance bars of all on-field blockers. Like Momentum Shift, Blitz lasts one down.


Returning from Madden 20, players with Relentless active can use no-cost rush moves. Houston Texans Left End, J.J. Watt, and San Francisco 49ers Right End, Nick Bosa, have the X-Factor. Relentless triggers after one sack or tackle for loss, and lasts until 20 offensive yards are allowed.


A defensive player with Fearmonger has a chance to pressure the Quarterback even while blocked. Fearmonger activates after two defensive line sacks, and lasts until the defense allows 20 yards. Arizona Cardinals Linebacker, Chandler Jones, and Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle, Fletcher Cox, will be scaring backfields in Madden 21.

Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force also returns from Madden 20, and a lot of defenders have it. New Orleans Saints LE Cameron Jordan, Minnesota Vikings LE Danielle Hunter, Dallas Cowboys LE Demarcus Lawrence, LA Chargers LE Joey Bosa, and Cleveland Browns RE Myles Garrett are unstoppable ends. Chicago Bears Linebacker, Khalil Mack, and Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker, T.J. Watt, round out the unstoppable roster. While Unstoppable Force is active, pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding. Unstoppable Force activates after two defensive line sacks, and lasts until the defense allows 10 offensive yards.

For more news on Madden 21 X-Factors as they are released this week, keep an eye right here on Sports Gamers Online. You can tide yourself over with our coverage and analytics of Madden 21 as well.

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