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Madden Classic: Players Backing Out Over Safety Concerns

Madden Classic

A number of top Madden 20 players are backing out of the upcoming Madden Classic tournament, citing safety concerns.

After a video — which we will not be showing in the story, but you can watch elsewhere — from a former Madden pro was posted on social media, players began to announce they’re dropping out of the event that runs from August 30 through September 1.

In the video, the subject started by saying he thought he was a “cool dude” and liked who he was. However, immediately following that statement he said, “…but the way I’m treated on a daily basis has me ready to snap and do something [expletive] crazy.”

The former professional player who was recently suspended from the Madden Championship Series due to improper conduct closed the video by saying that he didn’t know what to do.

After the tragedy that took place nearly one year ago in Jacksonville, FL where 10 people were shot, three of which were killed, at a Madden 19 tournament, people have continued to be on high alert regarding their safety. It’s understandable why many would take this as a threat due to the timing of the post as well as the person behind it.

At an event that’s supposed to be enjoyed by all, many no longer feel safe, causing them to change their lifestyle and forfeit the chance to earn a living.

Players who have already announced that they won’t be attending the tournament include SirusTheVirus, CanesJP, and Drini, just to name a few.

Problem Wright, one of the most popular Madden players, also tweeted out the hashtag #CancelTheClassic.

And while there are a number of players who are no longer attending or want the Madden Classic canceled outright, there are still those that insist on showing up and enjoying the event.

“I am going to the Madden Classic,” Tyler Morley, better known as ShiKobe, posted on Twitter. “Not letting some a****** dictate what I love doing with fear.”

Sports Gamers Online has reached out to the Arlington Police Department and EA regarding the concerns surrounding the Madden Classic, and will update this story should a response be received.

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