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Microsoft to Potentially Unveil New Project Scarlett VR in 2020

Project Scarlett Vr

Next generation consoles are well on their way. Microsoft plans to bring Project Scarlett, the next Xbox, to consumers next year. According to some interesting findings, this may not be the only platform the brand brings to the Xbox family.

Project Scarlett VR Potentially Coming in 2020

The next generation Xbox launches during the 2020 holiday season. Other than few capabilities and recent touts to go green, we don’t know much about the new system, but recent findings by one Twitter user, WalkingCat, suggests the new generation may also introduce a Microsoft VR platform.

Nothing has been confirmed, and the evidence or speculation is derived from publicized patents filed by Microsoft. The patents include a “six-degrees-of-freedom input device” and a “virtual reality floor mat activity region”. Note, these are descriptions which could lead to hardware down the line. Reports say the sketches also include VR headsets and Kinect designs. Unfortunately, there is no indication of how far these designs have gotten. We will have to wait and see if Microsoft will let us roam as Master Chief in VR come 2020.

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