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MLB The Show 21 Reveals New Boss for 3rd Inning and The Lead Off

MLB The Show 21 has had a banner year.  San Diego Studios revealed today  Grady Sizemore is one of the 3rd Inning Bosses. If you’re fixing to get Grady through XP grinds and save those stubs, you’ll want to get going on that immediately when that update comes tomorrow around noon PST, as these inning programs tend to only last about a month. This announcement came at the end of a new video series launched today called, The Lead Off.

The Lead Off

“The Lead Off is where we focus on content and community for MLB The Show 21! Improve your game with help from community leaders, see the best defensive plays from Road To The Show, get a rundown of new content, see the 3rd Inning Boss reveal, and try to answer Ben’s trivia (without cheating)!”

Starting with a digest segment called “Rounding The Bases”,  Lead Off includes of all the latest content that’s dropped in the past month, (specifically the most recent release of Team Affinity 2, and headliner cards like a new Pedro Martinez, donning his Expos’ cap).

The Lead Off showcases some of the game’s most creative and impacting streamers too.

Best In Show:

Coach has scouted out the top 5 best defensive plays from our community on their Road To The Show. Keep your eyes on our Twitter account @MLBTheShow ( for your chance to submit your own play on #TheLeadOff next month.

Beyond that, SDS has also brought on CBrev to help players go Inside The Action and get tips on how to master pinpoint pitching, one of the game’s flagship new changes. If you’re grinding for the game’s rewards, Healy show us his methods in Sprint Through.

This new video series should become a mainstay for MLB The Show.  It doesn’t replace the live streams though, so make sure to catch the next one tomorrow, at 11:30AM PST.

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