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The Most Important Player Stats in Madden Mobile

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Madden NFL 17 was released in August and is already expected to be one of the bigger releases this year.  The update for Xbox One and PS4 was recently made available and EA sports updated Madden Mobile as well for the 2017 season.

In Madden Mobile there are two ways you can go about making your team win more. You could focus on overall and just buy the highest rated players, or if you are looking to make your team perform better, you can buy players based on overall as well as their stats.


Each position usually has about 2-3 stats on its card that determines how well the player will play on the field. Even though an 86 overall elite card might look fresher on your team, an 84 overall gold could easily out perform it in game. Certain stats at different positions can cause some players to have a huge advantage when it comes to the gameplay of the player because of the task that each position has and how they carry it out during the game. For instance, an offensive linemen with high strength and run block stats is going to block better on run plays than a linemen with lower run block and strength stats, even if they have a higher overall.

That was a very simple and obvious example. Here are the stats that will help each position perform its best on the field as well as a little bit on why.


Some people prefer pocket quarterbacks but with the new scramble button this year, you’re going to probably want a quarterback with lots of speed. While throw accuracy (short, medium, and deep) is important, you also want to be on the lookout for a quarterback with good throw power.

The biggest thing you want to look for in a halfback is speed, it allows you to get to the outside and run around defenders, however some people do prefer power backs. Either way, a good truck stat is important. You can’t see the truck stat on the auction house so be on the lookout for strength and agility.

Fullbacks aren’t that complicated; you’re going to have them blocking for you and only rarely carrying or catching the ball. Look out for for strength, run block, and maybe catching depending on how much you will be throwing the ball to them.

Wide Receiver/Tight End
Speed is huge as a receiver/tight end because it allows them to out run their defender on man coverage and get through their routes, as well as add yards after catch. After that you really want to be finding players that are tall, have good jump, and good catch. That’s what allows them to go up and get the lobbed balls, or to catch a bullet pass as they’re getting hit.

Offensive Line
Depending on whether you’re going to run more running or passing plays, you want to find linemen with good run block and/or pass block. These are the two main stats to look for, however, strength does help and you can look for impact block if you like your pass rushers to get demolished.


Safeties are usually just sitting back ready to pounce on a deeply thrown ball, or they’re going to make a tackle. You want to look for speed/pursuit as well as tackle to chase people down and make the tackle. Also, they’re usually sitting in zone coverage. For the occasional blitz you might want a good man coverage stat as well.

Man coverage, zone coverage, and speed are the three big attributes you want to look for when buying a cornerback. Also, keep an eye out for play recognition and tackle.

Middle Linebacker/Linebacker
These guys are mainly going to be in coverage and stopping the run. For linebackers you want zone coverage, maybe some man coverage, and pursuit/speed. Of course you’re going to want a good, or at least decent, tackle stat so they can do something once they catch up to the attacker.

Defensive Line
Of course, the defensive line is trying to get to the quarterback or running back and needs to get through the offensive line to do it. They get through the line using a finesse move or power move, and block shedding definitely helps too. Once they get through, pursuit will occasionally help, especially on run plays, and you don’t usually need to worry about the defensive line having a bad tackle stat.

Overall, when you’re choosing players to put on your team, try to take a look at their stats, if you’re going to be using them regularly in game, it could make a big difference.

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