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Rival Stars College Football Review

A game less of skill, and more of strategy and probability. Rival Stars College Football is a game in which you try to upgrade your football team while attempting to rise in the rankings as well.

Rival Stars College Football is made by Pik Pok and is essentially a sequel game to Rival Stars Basketball.

You are the manager of a college football team. You choose your college’s name, logo, colors, and then try to lead that team to victory. You will recruit players which could be compared to opening packs and then manage your team with the players that you have. It is a fairly basic upgrading type of game involving upgrading your player’s, training fields, and stadium, trying to build the best college football program that you can.

The gameplay in this game is much different that an average football game, instead of being the players of the game, you are the manager. It’s a different outlook that adds lots more strategy to a football game. You call all the plays which have different chances of working based off the personnel on the field of you and your opponent. Offense is a fun game of probability of calling plays based on the situation and which players you want to put out there. You choose from your playbook (that you can manage before the game) and the probability of success is impacted by the quality of players, and whether the defense chooses to defend that type of play.

The fact that it is more of a strategy game puts it apart from the rest of football games and if you are a football fan that is more of a strategy guy then you will definitely like this game. The probability factor in this game can give you many different outcomes.

It is a well thought out game. Although, it is a new game and it definitely has flaws. The way this game has you go about building your team is, to be simple, fun. Also, the gameplay and game modes that are in the game are enticing and also fun to play. However, there could be more game mode options in this game would add to the depth of the game. This is a college football game and there is no option to play a season. Whether that be online or single player, you are a college football team, and the best part about college football is trying to get as high as you can in the rankings and seeing if you can make a good bowl game, or even the playoffs. For me, this is a crucial addition to the game that would keep me playing for much longer.

Finally, one of my favorite parts of the game other than actually playing games is recruiting players. There are two currencies in the game and coins are basically useless except for the fact that they can buy you one player that is not too good. If coins could play a bigger role in recruiting players whether that be spending coins on trying to bring players in or upgrading your scouts, that would be great. Coins currently don’t really do anything, but could make the game more interesting if they did.

Score: 7/10

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