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NBA 2K League: Heat Check Gaming Player Dismissed from League

Some major news in the NBA 2K League was announced today via Twitter, as the league announced that a forward from Heat Check Gaming has been dismissed from the.

24K Dropoff Banned from 2K League

Heat Check Gaming power forward Basil “24K Dropoff” Rose was dismissed from the NBA 2K League today. The ban is due to Rose violating the 2K League’s rules regarding gambling.

In a press release released on Twitter, the league wrote that after an investigation, it found that Rose was “tipping on NBA 2K League games by providing inside information to an individual who Rose knew was involved in betting on NBA 2K League games.” This offense was in violation of the league’s rules regarding gambling, prompting the 2K League to make this decision.

The investigation also found that although Rose provided inside information to a gambler, he did not attempt to intentionally affect the result of a game. “The investigation did not find that Rose attempted to fix or otherwise improperly participate in any NBA 2K League game.”

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