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PS4 Neo and Slim: What We Know So Far

Photo credit: BI

Sony has two new PS4 systems in the works, and although neither has been officially announced, we have learned quite a bit about both from statements made by Sony and leaked information. In the case of the PS4 Slim, systems have actually been purchased from online-classified sites, and as a result, photos have surfaced.

So what exactly are these hardware upgrades that Sony is planning? Business Insider has compiled the cliff notes for what has been learned about Sony’s upcoming projects from various unofficial sources.

Photo credit: BI

One system is called PlayStation 4 Neo, and it is a more powerful machine than the current PS4. However, the increase in power isn’t particularly dramatic.

Neo has the same main processor as the current PS4, but it has been modified to run faster. The system has a new graphics processor as well, and this is twice as powerful as the current graphics processor.

Neo is designed to produce both games and movies in 4K resolution.

Photo credit: BI

Neo has the same amount of memory, but it can handle more equations than the PS4 that’s on the market right now.

What’s interesting about Neo is that it isn’t considered a new system. There won’t be any games exclusively available on Neo, and all PS4 games—disc and digital—will work on the system.


PlayStation 4 Slim, on the other hand, is a change in size and design only.

Not only is the system slimmer and lighter, but it also has physical buttons in place of the touch buttons on the current PS4.

PS4 Slim also comes with a new controller. The light bar on this controller is placed at the top of the touch pad. This allows the color of the light bar to be seen while you are playing a game.

Photo credit: BI

Nobody knows what Neo looks like yet, but we already have leaked images of Slim, courtesy of those who have managed to purchase the system from online-classified sites.

Meanwhile, Sony has scheduled a news event for Wednesday, September 7 in New York City. The briefing begins at 3 PM EST, and it is expected that the company will officially announce Neo and Slim during the event.

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