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New Competitive Gaming Controller Launches In Time For Xbox One X

Evil Shift Controller

If you followed Sports Gamers Online at E3, you may remember that I had the opportunity to sit down with the CEOs of Evil Controllers. Evil Controllers is a company that specializes in improving competitive gaming through innovations in controllers.

At E3, I went hands on with their latest design, the Evil Shift.I instantly felt the benefit of playing with this controller. After their big announcement in June, the Evil Shift finally has a launch date.

Controller Launches In Time For Xbox One X

Evil Controllers revealed this week that the Evil Shift is ready for pre-order. If you participate in the pre-sale, your Evil Shift will ship November 9. This comes just in time for gamers to experience it alongside their new Xbox One X. Starting at $169.99, the Evil Shift is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can order yours on the Evil Controller website.

Here’s what you can expect from your tournament-ready Evil Shift.

  • Added paddles to utilize every finger during gameplay.
  • Paddles are built with Instant-touch Technology. Gamers can press, tap and shift the paddles from any direction using any amount of desired force.
  • The paddle placement eliminates accidental button presses and retains a sleek and comfortable grip.
  • Additionally, the Evil Shift uses highly durable switches. This allows it to last longer than any other controller on the market.
  • The Evil Shift uses no extra tools. Players can remap the Evil Shift paddles on the fly without an interruption to gameplay.
  • Evil Shift sports the best trigger sensitivity. The hairpin triggers reduce trigger tension by over 50 percent while maintaining full range of motion with no additional limitations.

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