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NFL Skins Coming To Fortnite

If you’re one of the 49 million people playing Fortnite and have a deep love of the NFL, I have some incredible news for you: NFL skins are coming to Fortnite.

Here’s how Epic Games dropped the announcement:

All 32 teams will be represented in Epic’s battle royale game. It also seems like there will be a special Fortnite uniform as well. If you purchase multiple uniforms, you’ll be able to customize your look by changing the helmet, jersey and pants combination as well as whatever number you’d want.

Want a Philadelphia Eagles helmet, Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, and silver New England Patriots pants? Go nuts.

Skins will be released on November 9, 2018 at 7pm EST. You can check the Fortnite Item Shop. While Epic hasn’t announced a price on these skins, my guess is that it will run players 2,000 vbucks or $20 real dollars.

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