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PDP Announces NFL Face-Off Controllers At E3 2016

PDP NFL Face Off controllers

A fun accessory we saw at E3 2016 was PDP’s upcoming NFL Face-Off Xbox One controllers. These are pretty cool as they come with faceplates that sit flush with the controller, but can be removed.

The Face-Off series is based around a potential NFL partnership and will feature team colors and multiple different faceplates.

The main plate will feature a leather covering similar to that used in actual NFL footballs. We spent a little of time playing with the different faceplates and the football version feels good in your hands. We’ll be curious to see how it performs longterm.

The team colors faceplates come in three different versions. The first is a simple one with the team name, like Broncos or Panthers, across the plate and the team logo on the lower right hand side. The plastic feels similar to current Xbox models.

The second version takes the team logo and spreads it out across the whole controller. It also features the standard plastic.

The last one is possibly the coolest. Similar to the second version, the team logo is spread across the plate but instead of plastic, it features a cloth material that feels like a football jersey. This one felt and looked cool but we’re not sure how it will hold up longterm.

For those of you like wireless, unfortunately, PDP has to make their Xbox One peripheral controllers wired due to Microsoft rules. If you don’t mind the wires though, keep an eye out for these.

Also, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the product during our meeting because PDP and the NFL hadn’t officially agreed to a partnership. Trust us though, these looked cool.

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