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PlayStation 5 Rumors and Speculation

PlayStation 5

A recent GameSpot article raised questions on the PlayStation 5 rumors and speculations.

PlayStation 5

Most of the article is based on the opinions of a few analysts. However, it does raise a few interesting questions and speculations. First, the article talks about Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter’s view of the PS4 Pro as a “half step” upgrade. You can, from a technical standpoint, view the pro as a step towards the 5. In addition, the 5 will likely be a half step from the Pro. So for PlayStation 4 owners, the 5 will be a full step forward while Pro owners may pass.

Pachter also adds that he doesn’t suspect the PlayStation 5 to launch anytime this year. At the earliest, Sony will likely launch the new hardware sometime in 2019 or 2020. Most likely 2020. The theory expects Sony to launch the console alongside fully 4K compatible devices. The prediction says that at that time, the 4K television market will reach 50% in the US and 35% elsewhere.

With the Xbox One X scheduled for launch late this year, it’s safe to say Sony knows what they need to do as far as consoles are concerned. However, it doesn’t mean we’ll get a Sony version of the Xbox One X in terms of performance and features. We don’t know if:

  • the PlayStation 5 will have backwards compatibility on par with the Xbox lineup,
  • and will it support 4K 60 frames per second? 240 frames per second?

Sony has yet to provide any official details about the PS5. It will certainly be interesting to see how the company responds to the competition in the new Microsoft console.

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