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Playstation Plus July 2019 Games Include PES 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo

PES 2019

Two games will be made available to Playstation Plus subscribers this July, as PES 2019 and Horizon Chase Turbo will be on the platform starting July 2.

Playstation Plus for July

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer will be one of the games available on Playstation Plus this month. PES 2019 was upgraded to give gamers a more realistic experience, as shadows and lights were added to the franchise, along with new 3D scans of stadiums and player models.

Konami also upgraded their “Fuerza” ball physics system, and players will also feel the effects of PES‘ new fatigue engine. Players on the pitch will wear down over time and will be more susceptible to injury should they be left in the game for too long.

Also available this month is Horizon Chase Turbo. Horizon Chase Turbo is an arcade-style racing game inspired by classic games such as Top Gear (SNES) and Lotus Turbo Challenge. The game features a world tour campaign, challenges, and the ability to race in over 31 different vehicles across 109 tracks, including ones located in China, Japan and Hawaii.

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