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MLB The Show 20 March to October Improvements

MLB The Show 20 March To October

Sony San Diego Studio held another MLB The Show 20 live stream on Wednesday, this time focusing on updates coming to March to October. The mode, which debuted in last year’s game, will see a number of improvements to entice more players to not only give the mode a shot, but stick with it as well.

What’s New?

The biggest new addition to March to October this year are the call-ups, trades and new GM options for players. Throughout your season, you will be presented with important decisions at key moments of the year. Should you call up that prospect from AAA? What about finally make a deal to bring on that pitcher to get the team over the top?

To help improve your team, the mode features a brand new “Trade Hub” that will help you get a better idea of what you should do in order to make sure you’re hoisting that “piece of metal” come October.

Another feature discussed is the dynamic difficulty. Especially helpful for the more novice players, dynamic difficulty in March to October will work exactly as you’d expect elsewhere.

How you perform on the field will determine how the AI performs as well. If the game senses you struggling in all areas, the difficulty will come down; should you dominate everyone in your path, you’ll find the game starting to become harder. The developers also added a “Beginner” difficulty level for the true first-time players.

Lastly, the mode now features what Sony calls the “Leverage Index”. This new index will work to determine the biggest moments in a game before sending you to play. With the new background task running, players should see themselves going into fifth-inning games with no real stakes far less than last year.

What do you think of the changes coming to March to October? Let us know in the comment section below. MLB The Show 20 launches for everyone on March 17 for PlayStation 4.

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