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NBA Live 18 Gets Demo Update That Adds New Teams And More

NBA Live 18

The development team behind NBA Live 18 continues their quest to prove that the NBA Live franchise is indeed back from the dead and on a collision course to compete with NBA 2K.

On Tuesday, EA Sports and the NBA Live 18 development team released a new update for the Live demo adding two new teams to the play now mode and unlocking “Live Run” so you can play with level 20 players which allows you to play pick-up games in the indoor and outdoor courts.

The new teams are the Houston Rockets and the Boston Celtics. Rosters are updated and include Kyrie Irving on the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas on the Cavs. They also included the rest of the players sent to the Cavs in last weeks blockbuster trade.

And that’s not all. There were also adjustments made to gameplay. These adjustments are as follows:

  • Big men will no longer be able to perform high tier dribble moves.
  • Contested layup percentage has been tuned.
  • Increased the game speed to 80.
  • Fewer interceptions when players aren’t facing the ball.
  • Reduced the frequency of interior shot blocking based on the matchups.

Kudos must be give to EA and the NBA Live crew for aggressively working to improve the demo. This is pretty much unprecedented when it comes to updating what comes down to a simple game trial. Hopefully this will continue into the retail version of the game. If this is what we are seeing now, I would expect this level of support to continue long into this year’s game cycle.

NBA Live 18 releases on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on September 15th.

Look for our full review coming soon. And as always, stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online for the latest on NBA Live 18 and all your favorite sports games.

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