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Project Scorpio – Tech Details, Possible Price and More

Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio

Whether you’re a die-hard Microsoft loyalist or an avid console gamer looking for the latest weaponry to demolish your foes, very soon you will look no further than Project Scorpio. Thanks to Digital Foundry, You can now behold the final specs of this powerful machine.

Victory Through Sheer Force

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio sets its sights on sustainable 4k gaming. As noted previously, Scorpio will run at 6 teraflops, 1.8 teraflops ahead of its rival, the PS4 Pro, in terms of graphical power. In addition, Scorpio puts the RAM comparison to rest as it will have 12GB of GDDR5 memory. This effectively overshadows all other current gen consoles in terms of RAM. Furthermore, Project Scorpio’s final design feature’s eight custom x86 cores. A standard of 1TB storage capacity should be a relief for many of us. Memory bandwidth is expected to exceed 300GB/s. All this is nicely fitted with a vapor-chamber cooling system found on high-end graphic cards.

Project Scorpio DesignMeeting Expectations

Last year’s reveal of Project Scorpio set expectations high for Microsoft. This year, the revealed specs seem to deliver on many of those promises. The CPU is 30 percent faster than that of the Xbox One with the GPU being around 4.6 times as fast. Stress tests insist that 4K gaming is achievable and sustainable with reports showing 4K/60fps only uses about 60-70 percent of the console’s power. Even on non-native 4K screens, the nature of the console will allow for performance boosts through regular HD outputs. The console is sticking with the custom Jaguar-based processor, it remains to be seen if that will hinder its progress.

Although there has been a huge spec reveal, there has been no set name or price point (although estimated at $499) for the new line of Xbox machines. With no real design in terms of look yet to show, we will just have to wait for this years E3 to take a closer look at the behemoth.

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