(UPDATED 1/24/15): According to Gamingbolt  “As shown in the image below, the user estimates that it comes out to be 166mm. The size of the Blu Ray player comes out to be 84.17mm, which means there is no way that a standard Blu ray disc will fit in this design. Now there are smaller sized discs available (80mm) but they are capable of holding only 15.6GB. In short, the alleged PS4 slim won’t have a big enough Blu Ray drive to accept games disc. This  proves that the design is nothing but fake with ridiculous dimensions concept.
On Multiplayer’s Italian website the 1st images of the Playstation 4 Slim were leaked. Rumor has it the console is code named “Monolith”. Compared to the current PS4 model it is smaller in size, the trade mark is relocated as well as a few other changes.