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PS4 Update 4.00: Here’s what Sony has in store

Photo Credit: PlayStation

Sony will soon be rolling out the beta for their upcoming PS4 update. Update 4.00, codenamed Shingen, will soon be available to download for those chosen to take part in the beta. Everyone who was selected should expect an email with instructions on how to download the update.

Details about the update were provided in a post on the PlayStation Blog this morning:

UI Refresh

Sony has made improvements and adjustments to PS4’s primary user interface. There will be new system backgrounds, a revised What’s New tab, updated popup notifications, and redesigned system icons.

Sony claims that the overall look and feel of the UI will remain the same, but it will be more refined and easier to use.

Quick Menu

Sony has made the Quick Menu faster and easier to use. The menu now covers only a portion of the screen, so players don’t have to exit gameplay to use it. Players can see the online status of their friends and access shortcuts to Party, Favorite Groups, Communities, and other tabs. The Quick Menu can now be customized, and items can be added or removed as players see fit.

Share Menu

The Share Menu has been updated, and like the Quick Menu, it now covers only a portion of the screen. This menu will save the last social network players shared video clips or screenshots to and make sharing multimedia faster and easier.

Players can now upload 140-second clips to Twitter. Previously, players could only upload 10-second videos to Twitter.


Folders and Library Organization

Sony is giving players the ability to create folders in PS4’s content launcher and Library.

Big changes are also in store for the library. There is a new tab called Purchased, showing players the content they own—including games, applications, demos, and betas they have participated in. The Games and Applications tabs will focus on content players have currently installed in their system. New sorting tools are available for the library as well. Players can sort content by purchase date or install status and search for specific games and apps via text input.

Trophy Improvements

Players can now view their Trophy collection offline, and a button has been added that lets players view the content of a Hidden Trophy. The icons that show the rarity of a Trophy have also been changed from boxes to pyramids.

User Profile

Sony has changed the look of the User Profile and made it easier to see relevant information. Players can now see their Trophy progress compared with other players. Background images can also be added to player’s profiles.

No Launch Date Yet

The Shingen update will have more features not included in the beta, and there is more info on the way in the coming weeks—including the update’s launch date.

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