Monster Energy Supercross 5 Review – A Podium Finish

Monster Energy Supercross 5 Review

Since Monster Energy Supercross’ debut in 2018, the developer Milestone has added so much to the game with every new installment. However, with Monster Energy Supercross 5, the game attempts to introduce new players to its complicated mechanics and, sometimes, unforgiving difficulty. While these additions are needed to introduce a sizable player base to the Supercross franchise, it’s a light-hearted attempt. But if you commit to the grit and grind of Supercross 5, you will be on the podium in no time.

Tearing Up Dirt In Monster Energy Supercross 5

The core gameplay of Supercross 5 is about controlling yourself through different obstacles on the track. Nailing jump patterns, drifting corners, and mastering bends will all contribute to your success. One mistake on the dirt could cost you a podium spot; I almost cut my racers career short with an over accelerated jump.

I still don’t think he has fully recovered from that.

Everything comes down to how to control your bike in Supercross 5. These core mechanics make the game feel realistic and set it apart from other dirt racers. I feel in the most control when performing whips and scrubs because you have to position your bike manually in the air to get the best results.

Gameplay is the main attraction in the Monster Energy Supercross series because the presentation is not. Everything outside of the actual race event is a half rendered bystander; even the fireworks at the beginning look more like confetti than an exciting pyro sequence. The presentation is a bit of a letdown, given that I’m playing on a newer console.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

In addition, I had a few races where the frame rate was terrible, and I had to restart the whole event. However, besides some minor glitches, the game ran relatively smoothly.

Monster Energy Supercross 5 Futures Academy

One of Supercross 5‘s newest features is Futures Academy. Players go through a series of tutorials and are mentored by former motocross champion Ricky Carmichael. The tutorials are a good idea by Milestone to help newer players learn their way around a track.

However, some of the activities’ only objective is to reach the finishing line without performing the techniques correctly. The trials feel more like a time attack race than a helpful guide. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the techniques efficiently, so I forced myself to keep doing the tutorials until I felt comfortable with the motions.

Nevertheless, the lessons did help me understand the basics methods to improve my chances of winning.

Career Mode Returns With New Features

Career Mode returns once again, introducing the rider’s shape system. This system keeps track of your rider’s condition and injuries, which affect how you perform on the dirt track.

To improve your rider’s shape, you need to complete objectives in the Compound, an open area with many jumps and tracks to practice your skills.

In typical Tony Hawk Pro Skater fashion, you will have to collect the letters S.H.A.P.E in the Compound. And complete two other minor objectives to improve your rider’s condition. Podium finishes will also enhance your shape.

While this recovery method makes no sense, the overall concept of the injury system isn’t a bad idea.

So Much To Do Away From The Track

Supercross 5‘s career mode and unforgiving gameplay will cause some frustration race in and race out. However, Supercross 5 still has so much to enjoy away from the huge race events.

Free roam in the Compound is fun alone and with friends. The track editor is back with new features, and if you want to customize your experience further, Milestone has added an extensive helmet and sticker creator.


Motocross games have come a long way since I played MX vs. ATV: Unleashed in 2005, and Monster Energy Supercross 5 proves it. Sure, the presentation is disappointing, but the developer’s attention to gameplay and controls overshadows any fault. While the developers could do more to help ease new players in, the game is still a must-play for Supercross enthusiasts.

NOTE: Milestone provided SGO with a review copy of Monster Energy Supercross 5. This review was based on the Xbox Series S version of the game.

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