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SGO E3 2019 Highlights Featuring Best of Show, F1 2019, Evil Genius 2, and More!

An exciting E3 2019 has come to a close. During the event, we got see some of the best in sports gaming like F1 2019, eFootball PES 2020, WRC 8, and more. Nonetheless, we are happy to close out the week of gaming with our SGO E3 “Best of Show” awards to showcase our picks for best sports showings as well as other memorable moments.

SGO E3 2019 Best of Show

A lot of sports games had amazing showings this year. While it was tough to narrow down the very best, here are our picks for Best of Show.

Bronze: WRC 8

SGO Best of Show E3We covered the upcoming WRC 8 a few times already. This year, we got to go hands at the Bigben booth and it did not disappoint. In its current stage, WRC 8 is fun and competitive. The gameplay is immersive as you feel the tug and pull of the vehicle you drive. The dynamic weather is as big a deal as they make it out to be. By default, it will add a layer of depth and challenge to any track as you must come prepared for the worst, but balance every aspect of driving and your vehicle so that you do not over compensate.

WRC 8 features a magnificent and detailed career mode that was rebuilt from the ground up. No line of code is from its predecessor. The attention to detail and push for a better more immersive simulation pays off with the two year development cycle as WRC 8 is a must for racing and rally car fans.

Silver: Madden NFL 20

SGO Best of Show E3The next Madden looks to take a new approach on the field. This time around players will experience the game changing moments when icons of the gridiron step onto the field. Madden 20 features all new gameplay abilities. X-Factor abilities are a new progression system that makes NFL Superstars feel like themselves. The best of the NFL will come to life with authentic personalities and real player motion.

In Madden NFL 20, players will also be able to create a college quarterback and dominate the collegiate playoffs. They will then journey through the NFL Draft, and prove they belong in the league. The new customizable career mode is all about you, the player, and features personalized playable scenarios, events, and unique challenges. In Madden NFL 20, the way you play and choices you make matters.

Gold: F1 2019

SGO Best of Show E3F1 2019 is the official 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship video game. It is scheduled to launch worldwide on June 28, 2019. With a near two year development cycle, F1 2019 plans to be the most ambitious release yet. You can look for it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This year includes the ability to customize and personalize a 2019 regulation car for multiplayer, as well as several new game features.

E3 2019 Extra Highlights: Cyberpunk 2077

We like to keep things sports focused, but at our core, we are gamers and video game enthusiasts. Alongside our circuit or sports demos and presentations, we stopped by several other popular booths and showings like Dying Light 2 and Doom Eternal. We even got a few interviews with some the developers. Here are just some of our favorite moments from E3 2019.

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 really needs no introduction. The game looks phenomenal and deserves every bit of hype it receives. The presentation at E3 2019 expanded on the choices in gameplay by showing the same mission done in two different styles. Additionally, we got to see more of the open world environment as well as get a taste of the completely player controlled driving. There was lots of gore and genuine fun to be had. Plus, Keanu Reeves is a voice in your head. I cannot wait for the game to launch in April of 2020.

E3 2019 Highlights: Evil Genius 2

Rebellion was at E3 in full force with several new upcoming titles. One of which was Evil Genius 2. The game came as a surprise for many during the PC Gaming Show. If you have not played the original, just know that like me, a dedicated community has waited 15 years for this game. After a presentation that included gameplay, and a one-on-one interview, I could not be more excited come launch time in 2020. While I could talk Evil Genius forever (as could Producer, Ash Tregay, and Art Director, Ian Pestridge), I’ve broken down the presentation and interview into a few key points.

Producer, Ash Tregay, and Art Director, Ian Pestridge led the presentation and showed us a first look at Evil Genius 2 gameplay. While they were regrettably tight-lipped about the World Domination feature, we did get to see a lot of the cool features listed below:

  • Body bags are now destroyed in an incinerate room (No more freezers for now)
  • There are four Evil Genius avatars including a slimmer, meaner Maximilan with each having their own unique campaign plans for world domination
    • Red Ivan returns as an Evil Genius!
  • Several other fan favorites will return in some capacity including Jubei and Eli Barracuda
  • Evil lairs will now have multiple stories
  • Minions will features special character and personality traits that make them specifically suited for a variety of tasks (or not suited for duty at all)
  • Forces of Justice agents include a variety of unique abilities like disguises


After the presentation, I sat down with the Art Director, Ian Pestridge, and got to ask a few questions. Here are the highlights in simplified form.

  • Will there be modding capabilities?
    • Currently the focus is the base game, but Evil Genius 2 is being built with replayability and longevity in mind.
  • Possible console launch?
    • PC is confirmed, but cannot rule out console launches in the future.
  • Other than the incinerator, are there other new rooms?
    • Rooms and processes for managing resources of all kinds are still being streamlined and revamped. New rooms will likely appear.

Of course, we talked about the game and the original for much longer than that. In short, Evil Genius 2 is being built by a team of fans of the original. It will not disappoint as they look to capitalize and improve on everything that made the original great.

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