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SGO Inside Drive (11/8/18): Ride 3, Football Manager 2019 and More!

SGO Inside Drive

We’re well on our way into November releases. In our latest SGO Inside Drive, you can get a look at some of the latest news on trailers, DLC, and recent releases. This includes news from the end of October through today.

SGO Inside Drive New Releases and More

RIDE 3 Extreme Customization

Customization in RIDE 3 reaches new levels as the game now features a Livery Editor. Go beyond the 500+ mechanical and aesthetic parts available and create the livery of your dreams! In addition, share your liveries online with friends and the community. Check out the trailer below.

VRC Pro Now Available

If you don’t know, VRC PRO is a realistic competitive RC racing game. The franchise is an eSport game supported by more than 40 industry brands. It also features fully customizable and tunable vehicles. In addition, it sports physics simiilar to that of real life. VRC PRO features over 180,000 registered racers. This includes top class racers from the real RC racing scene.The game also includes online championships, a multiplayer mode for up to 10 cars, time trials, and training modes.

GRIP: Combat Racing is Out Now

Early this so the launch of GRIP: Combat Racing. The game also includes free additional in-game content. This arcade combat racer and spiritual successor to Rollcage is available now on PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices, Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows PC.

Football Manager 2019 Now Available

Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe announced that Football Manager 2019 is now available for PC and Mac. In addition, both Football Manager 2019 Touch and Football Manager 2019 Mobile made their debut. Furthermore, this is the first time in the history of the series that all three titles have enjoyed a simultaneous launch.

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is now available as well. You can get the game for $29.99 digitally on Steam. Additionally, you can get both digital and physical copies for consoles. Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition includes:

  • Retail Timed Exclusive Content – the Purple Mutant Eaters and Hexxon Oilers with their unique arenas
  • Dynasty Mode
  • New Playable Races – Including Rampaging Werewolves and Hell-Spawned Demons
  • Multiplayer Options – Two-player online or four-player local multiplayer
  • Unique Teams and Fields
  • Hall of Fame Commentary – Original announcer of NBA Jam and NFL Blitz, Tim Kitzrow
  • Dirty Tricks Gameplay
  • Multiple Play Modes
  • Post-Play Mayhem

NBA Live 19 Discount

NBA Live 19 will be discounted to $15 on Black Friday this year. You can check it out and other deals here.

SMB 2 Update 6

WWE 2K19 Patch 1.02

This month also saw the release of patch 1.02 for WWE 2K19. The patch has been said to fix a number of stability issues. It also addresses performance issues reported by the community. In addition, 2K adjusted the color of the selector in the UI as well as added some Roderick Strong Undisputed Era content. Lastly, it adds support for the upcoming Titans Pack DLC.

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