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SGO Inside Drive (12/20/18): Monster Energy Supercross, Huge Update From Digital Extremes And More!

Monster Energy Supercross

With only five days left until the holiday, we’re back with another SGO Inside Drive. As always, today’s iteration comes packed with the latest news from some of the hottest spots in the gaming community whether on console or PC.

SGO Inside Drive December 20, 2018

Monster Energy Supercross

Milestone recently released the first gameplay video of Monster Energy Supercross. This is the second official game in the series. The trailer features breathtaking scenery from the Tampa circuit. A series first, the game features an adrenaline-filled soundtrack of punk music with some of the most famous bands, such as NOFX, Good Riddance and Sick of It All. In addition, players can compete in a refreshed career mode, train in compounds, and experience an enhanced track editor. Monster Energy Supercross will be available February 8, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to catch the trailer above.

New Racing Game Focuses on Drifting

Drift19ECC Games has taken the helm in uniting car enthusiasts around the world. Their latest racing title plans to feature drifting as its focal point. In the past, ECC Games has been working on mobile versions of the popular Car Mechanic Simulator. They plan to take this experience and expertise to Drift19. With Drift19, drifting will not be merely about timing. Players will need to understand everything from the dynamics of the car to evaluating the road’s axis, skid speed and optimal ride line to truly master the drift.

Warframe Fortuna: The Profit Taker Update

Digital Extremes has released the follow-up to the original Fortuna update that saw players gain access to another open-world style location on Venus. The latest update revamps several weapons while also now allowing players to bring extra fire support on the ground in the form of Arch-Wing weapons.

In addition, DE also released the newest monk-themed warframe, Baruuk. Furthermore, the update brings in the next iteration of Prime Access featuring Mesa Prime, Redeemer Prime and Akjagara Prime. It also has its own set of Prime Accessories that feature a new Mesa helmet and Operator prime parts.

New Features In Fortuna: The Profit Taker Include:
  • Heavy Weapons: Players can now bring extra firepower to fights by unlocking the ability to bring Arch-guns on the ground.
  • Play as Baruuk: A pacifist by nature, the 38th Warframe’s calm manner erupts when he’s pushed to the edge.
    • Elude: Dodge all incoming projectiles while not attacking. Edge closer to the brink with each projectile dodge.
    • Lull: Emit a calming wave that slows enemies until they fall into a slumber. Enemies woken by damage will be confused and disoriented.
    • Subdue: Summon a barrage of orbiting daggers to seek out enemy guns and destroy them with a small explosion.
    • Serene Storm: Baruuk commands the Desert Wind to deal powerful radial strikes with his hands and feet.
  • Earn new Floofs and Lures when working for The Business on Fortuna
  • Visit the character Little Duck in Fortuna to access new Operator Amps and Arcanes. Be sure to grab new weapons and customizations such as hairstyles and Ventkid Cosmetics as well.

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