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SGO Inside Drive (2/14/19): Steel Circus Closed Alpha, NBA 2K League Outfits And More!

SGO Inside Drive Steel Circus

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sports Gamers Online is back with another SGO Inside Drive. This time we have some news on the closed alpha for the previously announced Steel Circus, a Tennis eSports Tournament, and more!

SGO Inside Drive 2/14: Steel Circus & More!

Not too long ago, we covered a new arena style battle game in the works from Iron Mountain Interactive. Steel Circus is a fast-paced online sports game. Players will compete in a dystopian setting in the year 2350 when politics are decided through sport. The Closed Alpha Test is kicking off on February 15 via Steam. For more details, visit official sign-up page at Steel Circus official page.

Steel Circus Announcement & Closed Alpha

Steel Circus is an arena style sports game that places focus on ‘champions.’ The game takes place in a dystopian future in the year 2350. Years of war and conflict have changed the way global factions conduct politics. In the interests of promoting peace, the Solar Council holds annual competitions featuring these ‘champions’ or representatives of their respective factions. As players, you’ll compete to claim honor for the group you represent at the Steel Circus championships.

While the game has still yet to be given a release date, there are still plans of an early access steam launch this year. For now, you can check out more on Steel Circus and how to sign up on their official page. Be sure to check out their FAQ as it covers future plans, game features, and milestones.

Former WWE Superstar Suing Activision

Booker T. Huffman who wrestles typically as “Booker T,” has taken legal action against the publisher, Activision. The lawsuit allegedly calls out Activision for using the former superstar’s likeness for a character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

SGO Inside Drive Booker T

Huffman’s copyright claim draws the comparisons between one of Huffman’s personas “G.I. Bro” (left) and Prophet (right) featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Despite being featured in Black Ops 3 with an entirely different aesthetic, Prophet in 4 clearly got its inspiration from somewhere. Activision has not any immediate comments on the matter.

NBA 2K League Debut New Athlete Gear

The NBA 2K League announced a partnership with athletic wear brand, Champion. The partnership will see athletes and their eSports avatars outfitted in official league gear produced by Champion. In addition, Champion has become the official outfitter of the NBA eSports league ahead of the March 5 NBA 2K League draft at Barclays Center.

Champion will provide the league uniforms for both the players and their in-game avatars. They’ll also receive warm-up, travel, and practice apparel. You can check out more on the partnership here.

World First Tennis Gaming Tournament Returns

Roland Garros, BNP Paribas and BIGBEN have announced the second Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas. The eSports competition will pit player vs player in a pre-release version of the latest Tennis World Tour, Roland-Garros Edition. The game is due to be released May 16 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

This means players will have the opportunity to discover the game’s new features, including the renovated Philippe Chatrier court, centre court at Roland Garros.

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