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SGO Inside Drive (3/28/2019): NBA Live Patches, NBA 2K19 Still An NPD Top Seller and More!

NBA 2K19 Inside Drive

Here to close out the final days of March is another SGO Inside Drive. In our Inside Drives, we cover the latest news from the past week, or so, that you may have missed. Catch the details on the recent NBA 2K19 and Live patches plus more down below.

SGO Inside Drive 3/28: New Patches and More

WWE 2K19 Tournament Turmoil

Be sure to catch the Tournament Turmoil hosted by WWE Games. Did your favorite superstar make it to the semi-finals?


NBA 2K19 Community Patch goes Live

A new NBA 2K19 patch went live recently. The patch makes some minor adjustments as noted below.

  • Removes “pushing” in Neighborhood games
  • Addresses the hang in the “Start Today” game mode when attempting to advance past March 20th on the calendar


NBA Live 19 Releases Title Update 6.4

NBA Live 19 released its own update this week as well. Title Update 6.4 also focuses on some minor adjustments. You can catch the details below:

  • Smaller Patch Size Improvements
  • Cream Biggums Jersey Fix
  • Bone Collector Hair Fix
  • Rokit Venue Camera Fix
  • LCU Optimizations
  • Reinserted Original Splash Screen Art
  • Shoe Updates

EA Commits to Major Layoffs

Recently, Electronic Arts laid off about 350 members of its staff. Among them was the NBA Live Community Manager. The incident seems to stem from not meeting expectations in sales on popular titles like Battlefield V. Be sure to check out our full coverage here on Sports Gamers Online.

NBA 2K19 Among Top Sellers 

NPD, the video game industry analysis and sales-tracking group, has ranked NBA 2K19, among others, as a top-seller as of this past February. NBA 2K19 ranks number nine on the list, beating other titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Madden 19 which still ranks among the top 20. NPD notes that for certain games like Madden 19 and NBA 2K19, digital sales are not included in the numbers.

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