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SGO Inside Drive (6/20/2019): Esports Life Tycoon, More EA Controversy, and More!

Esports Life Tycoon Inside Drive

It’s been one week since E3 2019. That means we are back with another SGO Inside Drive. As always, we break down bits of news you may have missed around sports gaming. This week, check out news on Esports Life Tycoon, EA, and more.

SGO Inside Drive 6/20: Esports Life Tycoon & More!

Esports Life Tycoon Steam Launch

Esports Life Tycoon puts players in control as an eSports team CEO. Players will need to manage their team by hiring players, training and much more. Members you hire will have several needs of their own that you, as the CEO, will need to manage for success. Esports Life Tycoon launches today on Steam Early Access for $11.99 until July 9th. After the ninth and during Early Access, it will be available for $14.99.


  • Create your own eSports team customizing everything from players’ crests to kits
  • Hire the greatest stars in order to achieve your goals
  • Train your players and take care of their well-being
  • Grow your team in  gaming houses; hire coaches, psychologists, and marketing managers to improve your players’ everyday lives.
  • Compete in arenas to become a legend: decide either to witness the matches or guiding your squad to glory

Electronic Arts stands behind their use of Loot Boxes

It never fails; when we mention gaming controversy, we mention EA. Loot Boxes have been a long-running hot button issue in gaming. They’ve made appearances in a variety of titles like Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and other games that seemingly would not need them. In the latest update, EA has taken their stance in continuing support of their use of loot boxes. Despite the backlash and changes in games like Star Wars Battlefront II, EA makes it known that the mechanic will not be removed entirely from their games. You can check out our coverage of their latest comments here.

NHL 20 Details

In case you missed it, the first of many NHL 20 details have been revealed. Be sure to catch news on new Hockey Ultimate Team and World of CHEL features here on SGO!

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