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SGO Inside Drive (7/11/2019): Fire Pro Wrestling Update, Madden NFL 20 and More!

Fire Pro Wrestling Inside Drive

It’s that midweek stride. If you’ve been following along then you know that means it’s time for another SGO Inside Drive where we bring the latest news in sports gaming that you may have missed. This week recaps a few things that have been going on around Sports Gamers Online in addition to details on the Fire Pro Wrestling World patch and more.

SGO Inside Drive 7/11: Fire Pro Wrestling & More!

Fire Pro Wrestling World Patch 1.23

The latest patch for Fire Pro Wrestling World went live recently. Patch 1.23 isn’t as complex or huge as some of the previous updates. However, like any patch should, it does clean up a few nuisances players may have been experiencing after the release of the latest DLC pack. The details are below.

  • Fixed issue preventing you from adding new wrestlers to Fire Promoter save data.
  • Addressed issue where attempting to create a new team would result in an error under certain circumstances.

This patch is currently available in North America, with a EU release soon to follow.

Ceramic Glide Feet by Lexip

Back in my E3 2019 tech round up, I praised a niche mouse for its design and innovation. One of the special parts about the mouse were its ceramic feet that allows it to glide smoothly on virtually any surface regardless of texture.

SGO Inside Drive

While the Pu94 mouse may be niche in its design and specifically built for world builders and spaceflight, the ceramic are a universal improvement that can instantly upgrade any mouse. Lexip has made these feet available for $19.99. For the price, you can get six feet that are about one third of an inch in length. A test done by PC Gamer claims the added upgrade increased accuracy in movement by around 35 percent.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship Available July 18

Bigben plans to release an entirely new racing experience in FIA European Truck Racing Championship come July 18. Players can expect a different feel and new mechanics that portray what it feels like to race a truck of such size. It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Madden NFL 20

As we head into the next quarter of the year, make sure to be on the look out for launch details and pre-order news. In case you missed it, the Madden NFL 20 pre-order bonus details were revealed at the end of last week. There are three versions of Madden NFL 20: Standard, Superstar, and Ultimate Superstar Edition. Pre-ordering any of these guarantees one 82 overall gold player card for Madden Ultimate Team. Bonuses also include a choice of one unique Superstar ability for your created player in the brand new Face of the Franchise QB1 mode. Lastly, players who pre-order can take to the field three days early starting July 30.

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