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SGO Inside Drive (8/22/2019): Game Informer Layoffs, Need For Speed Heat, and More!

Another week of sports gaming and news has come and gone. In case you’ve missed any of it, we’ve got you covered with this week’s SGO Inside Drive featuring the official trailer for Need For Speed Heat, news on recent layoffs and more!

SGO Inside Drive 8/22: Need For Speed Heat & more!

Mass Layoffs Strike Game Informer Magazine

On August 20, reports revealed a large sum of Game Informer’s staff had been let go. The layoffs came as a part of GameStop’s, (the magazine’s owner) “reboot initiative” to transform their business. While both sides took a hit, Game Informer lost nearly half of their editorial staff. Up until just yesterday, several members ousted from the Game Informer roster took to Twitter with kind words and their announcement of departure from the company. While I cannot personally relate to the emotions they may be feeling, as a long time and current subscriber of the magazine, I can say it is terrible news and SGO wishes you all the best of luck.

Need For Speed Heat Official Trailer

In Need For Speed Heat, the franchise looks to return to old form in addition to several new experiences. Based on the trailer, Need For Speed Heat will look gorgeous visually. On top of that, the game brings deep customization options not only to the cars, but to the drivers, your avatar, as well.

Seemingly taking a page out of the early Fast and Furious movies, Heat allows players to take part in illicit and sanctioned races to earn rep (heat) and cash. Available races and their legal conditions will vary on time of day. Before you hit the streets of Palm City this November, be sure to grab the NFS Heat Studio app to get an early start on car customizing. Of course, be sure to check out the trailer below.

WWE 2K20 Roman Reigns 2K Tower Trailer

WWE 2K20 features new story driven Towers this year focusing on various superstars and themes. This, of course, includes co-cover star, Roman Reigns. You can check out the trailer below for Roman Reigns’s 2K Tower featuring his climb to the top and journey to defeating Brock Lesnar.

Konami Announces Additional Partnerships

Konami has aggressively bolstered the amount of licensed content featured in its Pro Evolution Soccer series in recent years. This week continues the trend as Lega Serie A joins the ranks of eFootball PES 2020.

Also, UEFA has entered an exclusive partnership with Konami making eFootball PES 2020 the official video game for the Euro 2020 tournament. In celebration, Konami will be releasing a set of free post launch Euro 2020 themed downloadable content. At launch, eFootball PES 2020 will feature over 50 fully licensed teams and clubs including liveries and stadiums.

Overpass Gameplay Trailer

As we move closer to launch, Bigben has unveiled more information on the upcoming off-road sim, Overpass. The new gameplay trailer highlights some of what players can expect as they take to the dirt in a series of challenging tracks designed to push creativity behind the wheel.

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