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SGO Inside Drive (8/9/2019): Mutant Football League Update, WWE 2K20, and More!

It’s that time of the week again where we bring you the latest news in sports gaming courtesy of the SGO Inside Drive. This week features a new update to Mutant Football League, 2K Sports updates and more.

SGO Inside Drive 8/9: Mutant Football League & More!

Mutant Football League Summer 2019 Update

This week, Mutant Football League received a new Summer 2019 update on Steam. The announcement came via Twitter. You can see the tweet and the full release notes below.


  • Roster updates to reflect the 2019 football season (we will have another update after final cuts – late September 2019).
  • Added custom camera for Onside Kick.
  • Added camera shakes after brutal tackles.
  • Mayhem Bowl game mode is reintroduced to the game.
  • Now players can turn on/off Arena Hazards, Weather, Dirty Tricks and Game Spectate in all game modes. Game Spectate is set to OFF by default.
  • Added new Leaderboards categories in the Dynasty game mode (Funds, Point Scored, Passing Yards, Receiving Yards, Rushing Yards, Interceptions, Kills, 2018 Season).
  • Added Leaderboard for Online Game mode (Wins, Loses, Games Played).
  • Now players can turn on/off notification “Someone is looking for an online Match”, this option is set to ON by default.

Changes & Improvements

  • Balancing and Economy improvements in Dynasty game mode.
  • Balancing AI difficulty.
  • Now AI most likely will be trying to tie the game in the end of 4th quarter.
  • Now in Dynasty, Custom Playbook all Formations are sorted in order of the addition.
  • Now Sonic Blast Dirty Trick cannot be intercepted.
  • Now RB’s and QB’s are more sensitive to the Catch rating.
  • Now Smack talk aka pre-game speech will be shown in Halftime as well.
  • Now Ref will be more inclined to call Pass Interference when the TARGETED receiver is interfered with while the ball is in the air.
  • Improvement of the Dive and Hurdle animations for Demon model.
  • General improvement of stability.
  • Various GUI improvements and text typo fixes.


  • Fixed bug causing incorrect behavior of the Killbot (robot) model after death or explosion.
  • Fixed bug preventing newly acquired Line Bashers to appear on the field despite Depth Chart position or manual substitution.
  • Fixed bug preventing newly acquired player from being a starting player.
  • Fixed bug that caused Depth Chart UI glitches in the Playoffs mode if it was launched right after Dynasty game mode.
  • Fixed bug causing Line Bashers’ Intelligence does not affect / unlock of more defense slots for Formations and Plays in Defense Playbook.
  • Fixed bug causing AI to use Time Warp Dirty Trick upon beginning of the 2nd half to return time on the end of the 3rd quarter.
  • Fixed bug when Burn Returners weren’t able to collect XP.
  • Fixed various miscellaneous bugs.

WWE 2K20 Details and Unexpected News

Since August 5, 2K has released several bits of news regarding the upcoming WWE 2K20. From cover stars and new features to who’s taking over development, check out the latest on WWE 2K20 here on Sports Gamers Online.

T-Wolves Gaming Wins 2019 NBA 2K League Championship

The NBA 2K League affiliate of the Minnesota Timberwolves, T-Wolves Gaming, took home the crown as 2019 NBA 2K League Champions. The victory came after defeating 76ers GC in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA 2K League Finals at 52 to 35. This victory makes Minnesota the first expansion team in league history to win the NBA 2K League Championship. Be sure to check out our full coverage here.

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