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SGO Inside Drive (9/6/2019): WRC 8 Available Now, Super MegaBaseball 2, and More!

WRC 8 Inside Drive

September is finally here, and we’re kicking it off with our first SGO Inside Drive for the month. As always, keep reading below for news and details you may have missed this past week in sports gaming. Our Inside Drive features the latest on WRC 8, Super Mega Baseball 2, and more.

SGO Inside Drive 9/6: WRC 8 & More!

WRC 8 Launches for PC

WRC 8 launched this week for PC. You can grab the game from the Epic Store. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release is still set for September 10 with a Switch version coming in November.

WRC 8 Iconic Cars Trailer

Ahead of the upcoming launch, Bigben shared a new trailer focusing on classic legendary cars from WRC history.

Cross Play Comes to Super Mega Baseball 2

Super Mega Baseball 2 will feature PS4 cross-console play for Pennant Race Mode. Players on PlayStation 4 can compete and play with those on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

WWE 2K20 Kevin Owens Entrance Revealed

As we move closer to the October 22 launch date, WWE Games has steadily been releasing bits of news and roster reveals. There was no doubt that the prize fighter would be included this year, but his entrance also revealed two additional features.

In addition to superstar specific commentary, WWE 2K20 will feature match specific announcing. During Owens’s walk to the ring, Greg Hamilton notes “representing Team Raw” which means whether in universe mode of exhibition, entrances will recognizes certain events like the Survivor Series tag match.

Secondly, it appears WWE 2K20 will feature more crowd chants as you can hear the crowd yell “one fall,” a shout popularized by European crowds.

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