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Sony at a Disadvantage Going Into E3?


With E3 less than a fortnight away, the two main players in the console market are taking very different directions.

Microsoft are focusing very strongly on first party content, according to studio boss Phil Spencer, who described this year as possibly Microsoft’s “best first party content year ever”. Xbox are also poised to unveil a new, exclusive IP at E3.

In stark contrast, Sony’s PlayStation president, Andrew House, acknowledged that Sony’s first party lineup was looking “a little sparse”. Instead, it would appear that Sony’s focus lies more on getting content exclusivity on multi-platform games, as it did with Destiny, or as Xbox have done with Fifa.

So after a slightly disappointing 18 months of PS Plus exclusives, and with Uncharted 4 having been delayed until 2016, could Microsoft be taking the lead in exclusive content, and by extension, possibly, taking the lead in console sales in the future? We will know more as we cover both publishers live at this years E3 Expo.

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