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The Future of the SGO Press Pass Podcast

Hey all, Mike here. I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve done an SGO status post, but I felt the time is right to do just that. The subject this time? The SGO Press Pass Podcast.

Before getting into more, I’ll start off with the big news right off the bat. The SGO Press Pass IS COMING BACK. That’s right, after a three-month hiatus as things were sorted out, the show will be back this January with a brand new look, feel, format, and much more!

Of course, the show arguably wouldn’t be coming back without the support of all of you who tuned in each and every week. You all asked time and time again about it on social media and in our discord, and I’m happy to be able to bring it back.

From Christian Phelps’ enjoyment of the weekly rant of mine to Brandon Bonner’s questions about a new lacrosse game; then there’s Justin Stevens, Matt Marcone, AirJarrett, and many more being there every single week to hang out, we thank you all. There are many more great supporters of the show, that this post would turn into a book quite quickly.

As far as the official date and time of the return, that is still being finalized. We know we are coming back the week of January 3rd, but we need to lock down the day and time for the show moving forward. That’s where our listeners and viewers come in. We want this to be a show you are a part of, starting with our broadcasting schedule and more. So, we ask you to answer the poll below regarding days and times as well as guests, segments, and more!

Thank you, again.

Until next time, sports gamers!

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