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How To Get Steals In NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21_steals

Completely preventing a ball-handler from putting up a shot is the pinnacle of good defense in basketball.  But we all like to mix in some turnovers every now and, then right? So, I’m going to go over how to steal the ball more consistently in NBA 2K21

Predicting Their Path

The first and easiest way to increase steal opportunities is to predict the ball handlers’ path and jump their route. You are going to have to make these types of steals happen for yourself. You are taking advantage of ball handler not looking are they are going and being slow to react when they do see you.  All the while, you have to keep in mind where they need to go next.

Being aware of where the ball handler is and where you need to get to for a steal allows you to pounce when the time comes. People don’t like the bump steal, but it’s the most effective way to get steals in NBA 2K21 and must be in your arsenal.

Understand Angles

Next up is understanding angles and how far off you can play your matchup while still being in the passing lane.  It helps here to remember the court may be a bit small in 2K. If you’re on the perimeter, you want to be aware of any threats to the paint area and the 3pt line at all times and position yourself to defend and intercept both.

Defend Fastbreak

Another easy opportunity for steals (especially in The Rec) is defending the Fastbreak. When a guy misses the shot what does everybody do? Takes off. So if you take off down the middle as well, you can play free safety on any pass launched down the court and will find yourself breaking up and often stealing careless passes.

Being Aware Of Immediate Threats

Last, you must be aware of the immediate threats on the court especially if it’s not your guy. Remember, if you see the threat, the ball handler probably does as well. Position yourself in between the ball handler and the open threat for some easy steals.  And while you’re at it, convert those steals into assists.  I got my 50th assist the other day stopping an easy pass under the hoop.

And you know what else you can receive 50 of?

Mobil 1 Offer

How about a 50 Game Skill Boost to your MyPlayers Steal and Block categories in NBA 2K21! and all you have to do is buy participating Mobil 1 Motor Oil products from Walmart, including eligible items in-store or on their website.  Where you can text “BLOCK” to 73876 for more info and what the eligible items are) and even from a Mobil 1 Motor Oil change at a Walmart Auto Care Center

You will receive the locker code at the time of purchase, enter it in your MyCareer menu, and you’re good to go! Offer expires December 31st of this year, so if you have a car and play 2K why not? Once purchased, the code expires January 31st, 2021.  So mark it on your calendar and head on over today to a Walmart location to receive your 50 game block and steal MyPlayer boost and I’ll see you in 2K Beach!

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