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How to QB Slide in Madden 21


Tired taking off with your QB and getting a big 1st down only to dive headfirst into a wall of defenders and fumbling? Or getting hit when you were trying to get down and the defense going the other way with for a scoop and score? Well, I’m here to help you prevent all of these things.

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In a recent update to Madden 21, EA changed how to slide with the QB. Previous to this change you only had to hit the dive button (Square on PS4 or X on Xbox) while past the line of scrimmage and your QB would slide.

As of September 22nd patch, single-tap of the dive button will now cause your QB to dive.

To slide with your QB in Madden 21 now, you quickly double-tap the dive button.  You can do this while sprinting using R2/RT or not, it doesn’t make a difference.

From EA Sports:

“Updated QB-Slide functionality so that a double-tap of the dive button will now always be slide while a single press will always be dive, which will align with the non-QB ball carrier ‘give-up’ functionality”

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Now take note when sliding with your QB he won’t reach for a 1st down. So if you are close to a 1st and the defense is closing in you are better off using R1/RB to cover the ball and take a hit or even diving if you are close to out of bounds.

Fatigue also plays a factor when running with the QB.  Being tired could make it easier for defenders to catch you from behind.

So that’s all it all the tools you need to run and get down when scrambling with the QB in Madden 21. Good luck out there!


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