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How to Win with the Knicks in NBA 2K15


NBA_2K15_Knicks_1To say the New York Knicks have been “struggling” would be a huge understatement. Being the first team to lose 50 games this season it has been nothing short of a disaster. With their lone superstar Carmelo Anthony out for the remainder of the Season, exciting basketball is hard to come by for the New York faithful. Luckily with the power of NBA 2K15, the Kicks can actually be a team that can surprise people, both online and offline. Today we will take a look at the Knicks roster, as well as some different strategies that can be implemented to make them play a pretty good game of basketball.

Recommended Starting Five

PG Shane Larkin
NBA_2K15_Knicks_2Larkin is a speed demon with a 98 speed rating. He can blast by defenders and create havoc on the fast break. Along with his 98 speed he has a 95 lateral quickness which allows him to stay in front of his man while on defense. He has a decent 3 point rating and can make his defenders pay if they underestimate his rang. As for the rest of this game he is average or below. Bigger PGs such as John Wall or Westbrook can abuse him on their way to the rim.

SG – Langston Galloway
Galloway may be the best overall player on the entire Knicks roster. With an 84 midrange, 80 three point, and 89 ball handling, he has no problem making the open shot or creating one against pesky defenders.  He is also a great passer with a rating of 85 in passing accuracy which makes him a threat to drive and kick it out to the open man, or dish it off to one of the bigs inside.  The Knicks offense should flow through him on every possession. Defensively, he is an above average perimeter defender with an 85 later quickness.  He will not completely shut someone down, but he will hold his own and limit their offensive production.
SF – Tim Hardaway JR
NBA_2K15_Knicks_4Tim Hardaway JR is right there with Galloway when it comes to the Knicks “go to guy” with an 82 mid-range and 77 three point rating, he can knock down the open shot enough to keep the defense honest. Where he really shines though is his ability to attack the rim. At 6’6″ he can handle the rock, as well as finish inside against contact. His size also make him a good defensive player and the best perimeter defender on the team. With an 87 lateral quickness, put Hardaway on the opposing team’s best perimeter scorer and he’ll have success shutting them down.


PF – Quincy Acy
NBA_2K15_Knicks5When it comes to rebounding, it is slim pickings for the Knicks. Acy clocks in with an 80 boxout, 82 offensive rebound, and a 78 defensive rebounding rating. Acy is second to only Cole Aldrich in overall rebounding ability for the Knicks. Surprisingly, he has a 75 three point rating so he can catch the defense sleeping if left alone. Outside of that, Acy will get the occasional block and easy put back layup. His main purpose while in the game is to hit though boards and grab rebounds.

C- Jason Smith
Jason Smith could be an outstanding center for the Knicks if his rebounding was a little better. With an 76 offensive and 65 defensive rebounding he does not get many boards despite his 7″ height. However, he has an amazing pick and pop game with an 86 mid-range shot. Defensively, he can protect the paint with this 90 block shot rating. 


C – Andrea Bargnani (6th Man)
Bargnani is a great shooter considering his size. At 7″, he has na 87 mid-range shot (best on the team) and a 75 three point shot. This gives him a huge advantage against smaller defenders because he can just shoot over them. His post game is also the best on the team with a 70 post hook and a 78 post fade shot. Not dazzling numbers, but with the Kicks, you have to take what you can get.

The reason he does not get the starting spot is because the rest of his game is mediocre at best. Rebounding is practically non-existent with a  55 offensive rebound, and a 60 defensive rebound. Although, not the most important rating for a big man, his speed (45) is comparable to a turtle. This ensures he will always be the last man down the court, leaving the paint wide open. Bargnani is best used as a boost of offense off the bench.

SF – Cleanthony Early
Early, like Bargnani, is only a few attributes away from being considered a starter. Early has the best three point shot on the team with an 82. It is crucial to call plays that set screens to free him up beyond the arc. His 86 speed lets him run in transition and combine with this 6’8″ frame he is also a threat to attack the basket. Defensively, like most Knicks players, is where Early becomes a liability. Even though he has 86 speed, his laterally quickness is horrible (58). This makes it almost impossible to stay in front of the faster forwards in the league.

SG – Alexey Shved
NBA_2K15_Knicks_9.jpgHonestly, Shved is almost useless in NBA 2K15. Harsh I know, but the only thing that he brings to the table is free through shooting (84). All of his shooting attributes are in the low 70’s, which makes him invisible on offense. On defense, his 70 speed and 75 lateral quickness is a joke compared to almost any other SG in the NBA. Shved is best used in late game situations when you need to make free throws.

C – Cole Aldrich
NBA_2K15_Knicks10With an 81 offensive rebound, 83 defensive rebound, and an 80 box out rating Aldrich is the best overall rebounder on the Knicks. Why does he not get a start spot? His lack of offense. Aldrich solely depends on put backs, and wide open layups for points because his mid-range and post offense is severely lacking. His 6’11”, 245lb frame allows him to match up well defensively against strong post players. Combine that with a 76 block, he is easily the best post defender on the team. If Aldrich could improve his offensive game, he would be a lock at the starting center position. He is best used whenever you are absolutely getting destroyed on the boards.

PF – Louis Amundson
Amundson’s game relies heavily on hustle. It is hard not to like the guy because he tries hard on every play. He is probably the most athletic big man on the Kicks, and with an 84 offensive rebound he does have some potential. His 76 steal is the best on the team so if are down late and need some turnovers he can be called on.

PF – Travis Wear
Wear should get no playing time at all as the only contribution he could make is his three point shooting (79), keep him on the bench.

SF – Lance Thomas
Thomas is another guy that should never leave the bench. Compared to other players he brings nothing to the table.

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