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How to Win with the Knicks in NBA 2K15


Offensive Strategies

Now that we have taken a look at the players and have an idea of their strengths and weaknesses, lets take a look at how we can best use them to score on offense.

Recommended POE’s


Play Through L. Galloway

As mentioned earlier, Gallow is the team’s best offensive threat. It is crucial to get him involved on every play if you want to have success on offense. Setting the POE to “Play Through Galloway”, guarantees a pay call (while using smart play) that will make him the focal point of the offense.

Patient Offense

Setting the POE to “Patient Offense” allow you to slow down the game and take what the defense gives you. As the Knicks, you cannot afford to be careless with the ball as every possession counts. Slowing the game down and making smart decisions is the key to winning with the Knicks.

Limit Transition

Let’s face it, you are not going to get many rebound with the Kicks. Once the shot goes up, make sure your guys get back on defense. At least try to buckle down and make the other team work for their point in a half court set. Other teams cannot be allowed to score any easy baskets in transition.


Tri (Base, Wing, Top) Fists
NBA_2K15_Knicks_15Call any of these play with Galloway and it will set up different pick and pop scenarios with Galloway and Smith. The plays setup Smith for the midrange jumper and Galloway has the option to drive to the basket or kick it back out for the open shot.

Tri (Base, Wing, Top) Quick
NBA_2K15_Knicks_16These set plays are good for Hardaway and Early because it allow them to be reed up around the perimeter via off ball screens. The majority of the time they will find open space for the 3 ball or the midrange shot but if the defense closes out on them, these play will also allow them to beat their man off the dribble and drive to the rim.


Tri (Ice, Iso)
Iso’s are great for letting Galloway to get the ball in his hands and letting him go one on one against his defender. These play are best used in late game situations when you need a bucket or if Gallow is matched up against a slower defender.  

Tri (Punch, Power)
NBA_2K15_Knicks18When Bargnani is in the game, these are the go to plays. They are designed to get him in the poset so he can work his magic. Remember, he is only a few years from averages 21 pts a game, so he definitely can put the ball through the hoop. Post him up and hit the post fade.


Defensive Strategies

I’m not going to lie to you, getting stops with the Kicks defensively will be tough. The starting five can be decent defensively, but when the subs come in, that’s when it really becomes a struggle. Unlike the Offensive POE’s, defensive POE’s will change a lot more through the course of a game. Not every team offline will play the same and the same can be said about play some people online. People will have different offensive strategies to try to win, it is up to you to make the POE changes to counter them. The following POE’s are what I recommend to start a game with. You can adjust based on how your opponent plays.

Recommended POE’s


Neutral Defensive Focus

I believe this is the best defensive focus to start a game with as it allows you to feel out how the opposing offense is going to play, without giving up too much inside the paint or on the perimeter. Obviously, if a team is kill you beyond the arc, switch to “Limit Perimeter Shot”. If you are getting killed in the paint, switch to, “Protect the Paint”.

Play Physical Defense

Under no circumstance should you switch out of this POE with the Kicks, or any other team for that matter. This allow your guys to play the passing lanes for steals, while also making them play more physical in the paint.

Crash Defensive Glass

Due to the Kicks lack of rebounding, they need as many bodies crashing the boards as possible because the offense is tailored around set plays instead of transition, (except for a long rebound to Larken or Galloway) you can afford to give up the opportunity for transition points. Besides, most teams are faster than the Kick and will shut down transition attempts anyways.


I hope you guys have enjoyed my insight on how to play better basketball with the New York Knicks. I truly believe that if you play with lower rated teams it will not only make you a better NBA 2K15 player, but it really teaches you how to fully utilize each player and their strengths. Also, there is no better feeling than getting a win with the Kicks over a player that is using a better team…pure gaming bliss.

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