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Madden 15 Ultimate Team Tips: How To Become An Ultimate Team Millionaire!


For some Madden Ultimate Team Players reaching that million dollar coin mark seems like only a dream and they assume to get there you have to spend lots of money. They are correct in believing spending money helps but there are other ways to make coins fast that don’t require you to dig into your life savings. In Madden 13 and Madden 25 I had a 99 Overall team and the majority of the time i had over one million coins. Yes I spent a small amount of money on the game but the majority of my coins were made through other methods.

In this video and article I will explain to you 5 Madden 15 Ultimate Team Tips that I have learned playing MUT over the years that can help you quickly get more coins and win more games. So please enjoy the article and checkout my youtube channel for game plays, tips, and Ultimate Team.


1. Do Not Quick Sell Anything

Almost everything in the game has value greater than the given quick sell value. Even the coaches/stadiums/play books will get you way more than their 25 coin value. You can usually sell these for 300 coins because they all go into badge collections. Especially with some new collections the golds carry some very high value sometimes even more than elites. So don’t quick sell anything and make sure you take the time to check the prices on your cards and even if your profits are small they add up!

2. Don’t Just Play Ranked Matches

Play a lot of solo challenges as well. Solo challenges are so easy to do you; simply put the time of quarter to lowest possible and then move the accelerated clock up as high as you can. Ranked matches get you a max of 1600-2000 coins if you’re lucky and your opponent doesn’t quit. In solo challenges you can work up and make way coins much faster! They allow you to fly through games very fast, get coins, and sometimes get big rewards at the end of whatever solo challenge you do. They are painful and boring but if you are serious about becoming a MUT millionaire they are a must have.

3. Research and Know The Market
MUT Pro’s are intense, they usually are on Muthead looking for new cards because they know that if a new Patrick Peterson is coming out they are going to quickly sell the old one because the price will drop significantly. If they hold onto him the price will go way down leaving you with a card that you may have spent 170,000 on and is now priced at 100,000, leaving your team value -70,000 dollars less that it was before the drop. So always research the market and even if you love a player if you know the price will drop sell him and avoid the huge loss.
4. Be an American Sniper
You would not believe the number of cards some people are able to snipe. I decided to try this method in madden 25 for 2 hours and just keep refreshing certain cards and waiting for someone to post them for dirt cheap. In two hours I was able to snipe a 99 Jerry Rice for 1000 coins and 99 Burfict for 5000. People who rush putting up their cards often make mistakes leaving you with a prime chance to greatly increase your teams value. All you do is pick a category with around 4 pages of results (when there are too many pages the results get weird) then just keep refreshing the screen and shift to the lowest buy now and hope you get lucky!
5. Limit Collections
MUT Millionaires don’t do as many collections as you might believe. Don’t get blinded by the million dollar quick sell pulls on youtube and rare flashback cards; in reality this will rarely happen. This is the MUT gambling and much like real life gambling you rarely ever make your money back. Yes you might get a big pull once or twice but that will just make you keep doing and then eventually you will be right where you started. The big names on YouTube do these collections all the time and they do them for one reason. People like watching them therefore more views and that results in them making more money. The majority of those Youtubers just flood money into the game pulling packs and then make it back from their views. So don’t buy into the collections and the high risk high reward pulls because you will most likely just get screwed over and lose your coins fast.

Enjoy these Madden 15 Ultimate Team Tips? Let me know in the comments. Stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online and subscribe to my youtube channel for more Madden and MUT tips!

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