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Madden NFL 17 Tips: How to Beat Man Defense

Madden nfl 17 man coverage

We’ve been showing you a series of strategies in Madden NFL 17, and today we’re going to show you how to beat man defense.

Beyond the backyard football way of simply being bigger and faster than the guy guarding you, there’s the sweet science of routing a defender up to get open and we’re going to look at a handful of routes that can accomplish that.

Typically, against man defense, your best bet is to attack the defenders with the lowest man coverage ratings (usually the linebackers and slot corners) and you do that with slants, post, post corner and out routes. But nowadays with the influx of funky defensive formations, package subs and hybrid defenders it isn’t as easy as saying ‘attack here.’ You need other routes that don’t attack the obvious but are equally as effective.

Here are a few of them:

1) First is the unbumpable dig, found in PA WR In plays and play action plays in general, and the regular dig route that’s a common route and can also be hot routed to. If you run either, it allows the receiver to get inside position on the cornerback.

2) If you’re expecting an all-out blitz, the unbumpable post route is similar to the dig but his final cut aims up the field, getting behind the corner.

3) The slant and go routes. Vs off coverage favors the receivers with high route running ratings (anything over 90), because it needs the corner to bite on the slant to beat him deep.

4) Unbumpable fade routes like in Gun Trey Open-FK WR that can make even average-speed receivers seem like burners.

5) Wheel routes from slot receiver are also very useful vs man defenses with 1 deep safety, because typically slot corners aren’t that fast. These type of routes are also usually found in PA WR In.

6) Deep crosser routes are also effective especially against bump and run. If the receiver gets inside position he will dart right up the field on an angle for an easy catch and run.

7) And lastly, there’s Out and Up routes, but these routes will often need a receiver with a good route running rating to properly fake out the cornerback.

We hope this helped you add something to your game. Stay tuned for more content from Sports Gamers Online!

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