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MLB The Show 17’s Top 5 Home Run Parks

MLB The Show 17

One of the best parts about the sport of baseball is that unlike football and basketball, no two parks are alike.

You can have a home run that barely clears the wall in one stadium that you know is an out in another, you can barely miss a home run because whoever built that wall decided to make it 15-feet high instead of 13, or the straight bomb that’s a warning track shot because, for some reason, 420ft to center field is still in play.

But that’s what makes each stadium unique and teams in real life construct their rosters to take advantage of the favorable dimensions for their hitters and pitchers and you should know the best parks to fit your needs also.

So, here’s Sports Gamers Online Top 5 Home Run Parks in MLB The Show 17

5. Minute Maid Park

Left Field: 315 feet

Left Center Field: 362 feet

Center Field: 409 feet

Right Center Field: 373 feet

Right Field: 326 feet

Minute Maid is on the list due to how right-handed friendly it is. Of course, I have to mention the short-left field porch, that despite being 21 feet tall is only 315 feet to home plate, and the left center power alley is only 362 feet from home giving right handed pull hitters a huge boost.

But to not make left-handed hitters feel left out, it’s only 373 to right center and 326 down the right field line, which are both also in the top half of shortest distances. The only part of the field you should avoid still is deep center. Where despite removing that crazy hill (whose idea was that?) and flag pole, it’s still the deepest part of the park by far.

4. Miller Park

Left Field: 344 feet

Left Center Field: 370 feet

Center Field: 400 feet

Right Center Field: 374 feet

Right Field: 345 feet

While Miller Park has some of the worst distances down the left and right-field line, it isn’t as harsh to left and right center as their both in the top half of the league in shortest distances to home plate.

3. SunTrust Park

Left Field: 335 feet

Left Center Field: 385 feet

Center Field: 400 feet

Right Center Field: 375 feet

Right Field: 325 feet

In sports video games, we all have that player that we simply dominant with despite his otherwise so-so stats, and I guess SunTrust Parks is that for me regarding stadiums, am I the only one?

The parks dimensions are average across the board, but for some reason my lineup turns into nine Ken Griffey Jr’s whenever my opponent picks this park. I can’t be the only one. Somebody please try it out and report back.

2. Yankee Stadium

Left Field: 318 feet

Left Center Field: 399 feet

Center Field: 408 feet

Right Center Field: 385 feet

Right Field: 314 feet

I mean there’s a reason Aaron Judge has hit nearly two-thirds of his home runs at home this season. It’s a home run hitter’s paradise and has been since the New Yankee stadium opened.

It’s 318 down the left field line and 314 down the right field line making both Top 5 in their respective distances to home plate and despite being listed at 399 and 385 to the power alleys. Many people in real life suggest there distances are a lot closer than what’s listed, and it sure plays like it.

1. Fenway Park

Left Field: 310 feet

Left Center Field: 379 feet

Center Field: 390 feet

Right Center Field: 380 feet

Right Field: 302 feet

We all remember watching Mark McGwire turn the Green Monster into his personal steroid disposal (cough) and in MLB The Show 17 surprisingly it isn’t that hard to replicate his performance especially if you’re a right-handed hitter. Because despite the 37-foot-tall monster staring at you while you’re at the plate, it’s still only 310 feet from home and if you make good contact on a pitch you’re more likely to barely get over it than pepper the wall with consistent shots.

But do be prepared for when that bad boy does rocket off the wall it could get ugly. And lefties have it just as easily with the famous “pesky’s pole” down the right field line that you can wrap around the foul pole consistently that’s only 302 feet to home plate giving Fenway Park the shortest distances to left and right field of a current stadium and to cap it off to dead center is only 390 that’s being guarded by an 18-foot wall, but like the Green Monster, fear not how tall the wall is because it’s going over more times than not.

So, Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not put the park that you been killing it in down in the comments and see if others agree. And make sure you check back here daily for more MLB The Show news and tips here at Sports Gamers Online!

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