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NBA 2K17 Top 10 Players with the Best Shot Releases

NBA 2K17 Best Shot Releaes

Having a good shot release in 2k can, a lot of the times, make or break a player.

Some guys have releases that feel like poetry in motion and others have you questioning why you even hit the shoot button in the first place. To help you understand who to trust the most with the rock, we here at Sports Gamers Online decided to list the players who fully take advantage of a great release and turn into 2K Gods.

Here’s our Top 10 Players with the best Shot Releases in NBA 2K17.

10. Buddy Hield (Sacramento Kings)

Release Timing: Quick

Shooting Form: Release 119

Shot Base: K. Bryant

Shot Time:00:15

The recently crowned next Steph Curry, at least with his quick trigger has the shot release that makes those claims at least 10% true. Hield doesn’t get much help from his ratings inside the arch where he’s a below average shooter and despite having no hot and most importantly cold zones to sway his shots even further, he sports an 83 open 3 and couple with his Bronze Pick and Roll Maestro badge a 79 off the dribble 3-point rating, let the Buddy Hield takeover begin!

9. C.J. Miles (Indiana Pacers)

Release Timing: Normal

Shooting Form: Release 9

Shot Base: Jump Shot 22

Shot Time: 00:18

Miles, besides having a shot release that’s very easy to tell when he’s reached his set point, he’s also an elite shooter in 2k with his 89 open and 82 off the dribble 3 point ratings. Which are aided by him having 3 hot zones from 3-point range, and two of them being from the corners which are supported by his Silver Corner Specialist badge and he also has a Silver mid-range Dead Eye badge for good measure, despite having below average shooting stats from mid. He’s also one of the few players on the list whose release timing is a Normal but it’s just so smooth and he has so many boost to his already good shot ratings it doesn’t even matter.

 8. Troy Daniels (Memphis Grizzles)

Release Timing: Normal

Shooting Form: V. Carter

Shot Base: Jump Shot 31

Shot Time: 00:19

Lost on an often not used team on the bench is a 6-4 guard from VCU Troy Daniels. His release is the slowest on the list, but just as deadly because of how easy it is to spot the rhythm of his release. Since after a few shots, you’ll realize he lunges forward after the shot, so you just time everything up off that. Not to mention Daniels has 80 Open Mid and 88 Open 3 which can be boosted up by his Gold Corner Specialist Badge and 4, count them four! hot zones from 3-point land, making the 74 overall Shooting Guard better than he has the right to be.

 7. Marco Belinelli (Charlotte Hornets)

Release Timing: Quick

Shooting Form: Release 117

Shot Base: Jump Shot 69

Shot Time: 00:19

Belinelli has one of those push shots that just feels effortless when you shoot it, it’s tough to explain but you know what I mean. It props up his 80 open mid and 86 open 3 to make him a deadly sniper in 2k.

 6. Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets)

Release Timing: Quick

Shooting Form: K. Walker

Shot Base: K. Walker

Shot Time: 00:16

Kemba’s almost feels like you release it on the way up, and the ball it above his head so it’s  easy to locate and time properly, he has the perfect shot to just come down the court, be like fuck it and rise up in the defended face. Added to this are his 87 open 3, a bronze corner specialist and a silver catch and shoot badge making him a great off ball target as well. Finishing off with an 81 off the dribble 3 pt rating and a 76 2 pt rating, propping up the career 35% 3pt shooter and 41% from the field player to be a dominate jump shooter.

5. Anthony Morrow (Chicago Bulls)

Release Timing: Quick

Shooting Form: R. Gay

Shot Base: Jump Shot 55

Shot Time: 00:16

Morrow’s 3pt shooting may have fallen off a cliff this season, I mean he just got traded because of it but his release surely hasn’t. It’s very much the same smooth jumper than has him as a career 40% 3pt shooter and a still feared player whenever he’s open in 2k even when his rating has dipped into avergedom, which are boosted back up by him still having 3 hot zones from beyond the arc.

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