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NBA 2K17 Defensive Tips: How to Play Lockup Transition Defense

nba 2k17 defensive tips transition defense

In NBA 2K17, A lot of easy points can come about from teams running the fast break, due to a few issues the opponent has as they transition from offense to defense. Today I’m going to help you make that transition as easy as possible.

Sure, I could tell you just set your rebounding philosophy to limit transition and that’s the end of it, but it’s much deeper than that, even if you have four guys back waiting you can still give up a wide open 3, so here are a few ways to knock all the nonsense out.

Admiring Your Work

The first, and easiest, way to prevent fast breaks is to not watch your shots after you shoot. I mean I get it, we stare to see if our shot goes in because that release was just perfect but all the while the guy who was defending can now easily sneak behind us if his team gets the board and now he’s leading the break. To prevent this just simply switch off and maybe go after those put back tip in’s I told you about in my last vid, or simply keep backing up after you shoot. Its better than being stationary, especially against the dudes who break out as soon as you shoot the ball…you know who you are.

Taking Yourself Out the Play

Next is sort of an extension of the first, taking yourself out the play with anybody you’re controlling, and what I mean by that is useless steal attempts on the rebounder or for some reason a guy nowhere near the ball. Once the opponent gets the board its go time, going for the steal takes you out the play and before you know it your guy is the one who scored.

Prepare Yourself Against the Danger Zone

Another is when you shoot corner 3’s it’s even more important to switch off or starting moving back up the court manually, because the angle he is at if the defense gets the ball it will be nearly impossible to get back in front of the guy he’s supposed to defend if he’s not preparing himself beforehand.

Protect The Fort

Also, none of this means anything if you don’t have good spacing on offense, which leads to being in a better position to defend the break. Having guys all clumped up together in the paint and the corners leaves them very vulnerable to the fast break if they don’t get the board. See how many guys are parked at the 3pt line and when it’s time to play defense look how many guys are back to defend. You always want at least 1 guy around the top if the 3 pt line as the last line of defense in a way.

Picking Up Any Free Runners

Lastly, if the offense does break out, try to pick up any free runners down the court as soon as possible. Even a slight bump to the ball handler to slow him down will do. You want to take away any quick options the offense must give the rest of your team enough time to catch up. When they get the board look to whoever you have furthest down the court and control them to cut off any immediate threats, and if there aren’t any be prepared to step up on the ball handler as he approaches the 3 point line. I get a lot of open 3’s on the break because their guy is parked in the paint instead of preventing me from shooting a wide open 3. Unless its somebody you know wants to dunk on you then just sit back and be prepared to send that ball flying.

Hopefully I helped add to your NBA 2K17 game, make your opponent earn their point in the half court always you be surprised how mortal some guys become.

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