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WWE 2K17 Tips: Mastering the Strong Style Moveset

Strong Style

With WWE 2K18 on its way, we understand that not everyone will be making the jump. For those on last gen consoles or simply not grabbing WWE 2K18, Sports Gamers Online is here to make sure you get the most from your WWE 2K17 experience. This week, we’re here with a WWE 2K17 tips video for mastering the Strong Style moveset.

Mastering the Strong Style Moveset

Wrestling has evolved in the past few years and so have WWE games. Any avid watcher will notice the influx of wrestling styles that now exist within the WWE alone. To help you replicate these styles in your own created superstars, we’ll be showing you a few tips and tricks to better prep your character and moveset to brandish one of several wrestling styles.


For Strong Style, you’ll only need to focus on a few moves categories:

  • Standing Strikes
  • Standing Grapples
  • Ground
  • Rope
  • Irish Whip
  • Corner
  • Special Moves

The main goal is to focus your moves on heavy strikes and combo attacks. In theory, your character should be able to finish the match with any one strike.

Standing Strikes

For standing strikes, you’ll want avoid fancy moves like the Trouble in Paradise and go for moves that are precise and to the point. A good habit to practice is to choose whether your character uses their hands or feet more. Depending on your choice, you’ll want a good 70% of your moves to reflect that. It’s also a good idea to focus 70-80% of your attacks on one body part. Targeted attacks will set you for your finisher, which should be a targeted attack based on what you chose earlier.

Standing Grapples

Standing grapples work in a similar way. You’ll want to choose moves that begin or finish with a strike. If none are to your liking, go with suplexes or wear-down based grapples. For each Subcategory in grapples, it’s good to pick one or two moves that deviates from Strong style. Assign them to a key press you’ll remember as these moves will be what your character is known for pulling out during main event caliber matches. However, use them sparingly. For my character, I like to use the Go Home Driver.


Ground attacks should be set up for ground and pound. Fist drops are okay but you’ll be better off with Mounted Punches, Soccer Ball Kicks, and even a Double Stomp. For ground grapples, wear-down submissions are best but you can also use amateur wrestling moves here as well.


Rope moves will vary but you’ll want to focus on the Stunned Against The Ropes clutch as there’s some really good strikes to make use of.

Irish Whip

Irish Whip sub-categories have some pretty good moves as well that you’ll want to make use of.  If you have the NXT DLC, the Running Knee Lift 3 is a great move to use. Otherwise, go for the Kitchen Sink.


In Corner, under Stunned Front, there is five strikes you’ll need to pick, the strong strikes being most important. The grapples in the section work just like your standing grapples.

Special Moves

And lastly, your special moves. With strong style, you can count your signatures as two extra finisher slots. Remember, every move in your arsenal is essentially a match ender. When choosing these moves, you’ll want them to compliment each other as well as the targeted strong strikes you chose earlier.

For example, if you have repeated strikes that attack the mid-section, use the gut check, or spear as a finisher. Also at least two of your special moves should have a strike or a combo. The GTS/PK Kick combo or Gut Check w/ Sick Kick are great examples of this. Fancy strikes like Trouble In Paradise are okay to use as these will be your calling card.


Like your moves, you’ll only need to focus on just a few key attributes:

  • Arm power
  • Leg power
  • Strike Speed
  • Movement speed
  • Stamina
  • Stamina recovery
  • Damage recovery
  • Running offense
  • Pin escape
  • Reversal
  • Grapple Reversal

That’s a total of ten key attributes. Four of these should be maxed while the rest fall between the 77-88 range. I recommend maxing either leg or arm power, not both. Also, max out Pin escape and damage recovery as strong style wrestlers tend to dish out as much pain as they receive. This is also why grapple reversal is key; your character will absorb strikes rather than reverse them to show dominance but punish anyone who tries to manhandle them. Ultimately the choice is yours.

As for your remaining attributes, the goal isn’t to create maxed out characters but believable and realistic ones. Keep those between 73-85. The low important attributes like power submission should be set low so you can spend those points somewhere else without being OP. On the other hand, your limb durability attributes can be high but one must be significantly lower than the rest. Everyone has a weakness.


For your skills, this is mainly up to your tastes but you’ll want to make sure you at least have:

  • Combo Striker
  • Second Finisher
  • Leverage Pin
  • Hammer Throw
  • Fired up
  • Catching Finisher


Your abilities work in the same way but you must have:

  • Resiliency
  • Pin Combo

Those can be any level but if you choose more than for, only two of them should be level 3.


Clothing is easy. You have free reign over this but traditionally you’ll want to keep things simple. A two-color, color palate works best. Additionally, you’ll want kick pads, non-symmetrical knee pads and tape somewhere on your body. For everything else, just keep simplicity in mind. With all this put together, you’re on your way to mastering the Strong Style moveset.

Be sure to watch the video on YouTube and let us know how we did. If you want want more styles, just comment below.

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